8 Best Cheap VR Headsets for Android 【Reviewed 2022】

best cheap vr headsets for android

You will agree with me when say,

 Android VR headsets are the easiest and the cheapest 

 New companies are launching their own VR headsets, specified for different domains or for all-around purposes. With an ever-increasing diversity, it becomes hard to choose the best deal out of all the ones being offered. However, we have sorted this out for you! In this guide, we have comprised a list of all of the most impressive VR smartphone headsets, specifically for Android users. To sum up the entirety of this guide, it revolves around the available options for the cheapest VR headsets for Android. It consists of headsets including those that come under different categories for Android, iPhone, and smartphones in general. All of these are phone VR headsets!

What is a great VR Headset with headphones?

Usually, VR Headsets come with inbuilt sound systems, however, some still have the headphones port to allow a better audio experience. This differs from each Headset. Some of the compatible ones are:

  • Oculus Quest
  • Rift S
  • Pimax 5K+

Best Cheap VR Headset for Android 2022:

Provided below are the most affordable VR headsets for Android users:

VR HeadsetsRatingPrice
1. Homido Grab 10/10 (Editors Choice)
Check Price
2. Samsung Gear VR8.5/10
Check Price
3. Merge VR Goggle 8/10
Check Price
4. Destek V47.5/10
Check Price
5. Bnext VR Pro7.5/10
Check Price

If you want to look at the VR headsets for PCs specifically, click here. If you’re a huge gamer and a fan of Skyrim, see here for an article you’ll love! If you don’t want to go into the hassle of buying a VR-compatible device, just see these top VR standalone headsets. If you’re really looking for high quality, you can see the best Oculus VR headsets. If you don’t have a VR device yet, you can buy a phone suitable for VR headsets here.

1. Homido Grab

Why we love it:

  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Huge Library


Reasonable PriceNo Headstrap (Handheld)
Wide range of ContentWearable for Shorter Durations
Compatible with Most Phones

If you are looking for a technical all-around VR experience, that primarily for kids, Homido Grab is a great pick!

2. Samsung Gear VR

Why we love it:

  • Comfortable to Wear for Long Durations
  • Huge Library
  • Affordable

Lightweight & PortableRequires a Samsung Phone
Easy to Use InterfaceAffordable but Expensive than Other Similar Models
Highly Detailed and Crisp Visuals

Although it is a little bent on the expensive side, given the compatibility limits, it still provides a lot more than many others!

VR Headsets are being used in many different domains. Some of them include:

3. Merge VR Goggle

Why we love it:

  • Compatible with Android and iPhone
  • Huge Application Library
  • Children-friendly

User-friendlyNot Much Interactive
LightweightLimited Library
Affordable & Compatible

If you are new to the world of VR and looking for a cheap but feature-packed device, Destek V4 is a considerable option!

5. Bnext VR Pro

Why we love it:

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Easy to Setup

AffordableNot Much Interactive
Sharp VisualsNot User-friendly

In case you on the lookout for cheap VR headsets for a simple VR experience, Bnext VR pro is an appropriate option


The video attached below also can help you choose an appropriate VR headset for Android and that too according to the budget you plan to spend!

The Best VR Headset choice out of the given options: Homido Grab – The Editor’s Choice


What is the Best Cheap VR Headset for Android?

The cheapest VR headset for Android according to our evaluations is the Homido Grab as mentioned earlier as well. It is relatively affordable but also equipped with a great VR experience!

What is a great Smartphone VR Headset?

Here is a compiled list of all Smartphone VR headsets that are available in the market.

What is a good Budget Phone for VR?

Provided here is a list of all of the compatible smartphones for VR. Look through and make your best decision!

Which headset is the Samsung Galaxy S8 VR Headset?

To choose the most compatible Samsung Galaxy S8 VR Headset, read through the guide for all the available options!


Details of all of them are provided under their relative headings and prices and ratings have also been listed at the start. All of the headsets have their associated values with their description so you can choose the value VR Headset according to your own decision.

For further inquiries like current Virtual Reality , best phone for VR or phone VR headsets, head to the FAQ section, which has answers to some very common questions. There are many other smartphone VR headsets like Onn Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset with reviews on them, which for the scope of this article is not necessary. For more headset reviews on VR headsets for phones, this article will be adequate use.

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