10 Best Surround Sounds for PS4 in 2022

Best Surround Sound for ps4

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Playing a game with a surround sound setup takes the immersion of a game to a whole new level. 

With that being said, one might wonder what are the best surround sound for ps4? If you are one of those people, You do not have to worry about anything because we have compiled a list of the finest ps4 surround sound speakers and ps4 surround sound headsets. We have compiled this list after conducting extensive research on the reviews of the leading surround sound systems for ps4.

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Best Surround Sounds for PS4 in 2022

Here is the list of the top-rated surround sounds for ps4

Surround Sound for ps4Rating
Corsair Void headsets10/10 (Editors Choice)
Corsair HS60 Headsets8/10
RUNMUS Gaming Headset8.5/10
VANKYO Gaming Headset CM70007.5/10
EKSA E900 ps4 headset8/10
Q Acoustics 3010i speakers8/10
JBL Home Cinema 5108.5/10
Logitech Z906 speaker package9/10
Yamaha Yht-5950UBL9/10
Logitech Z606 speaker package8.5/10

1. Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Gaming Headset

Why we love it

  • Perfect for Long Gaming Sessions
  • Plush Memory Foam Ear Pads
  • 7.1 surround Sound
ComfortableBattery might suffer
WirelessMicrophone is too quiet

2. Corsair HS60 Pro

Why we love it

  • Superb Sound Quality
  • Fully Detachable Microphone
  • Durable
Adjustable ear cupsMic is pretty quiet
Detachable micThe audio cord is pretty short

3. RUNMUS Gaming Headset

Why we love it

  • 50mm Driver delivers 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone
Great microphoneMediocre sound quality
ComfortableSound is dominated by bass

4. VANKYO Gaming Headset CM7000

Why we love it

  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Noise Cancelling Mic
  • Great For long Gaming Sessions
Great microphoneMediocre Sound Quality
Ergonomic DesignVolume button is located on the ear

5. EKSA E900 PS4 Gaming Headset

Why we love it

  • Immersive 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Comfortable for Longer Gaming Sessions
  • 2-Years Warranty
Comfortable for long sessionsMediocre Mic Quality
2-year warrantyThe mute switch is unreliable

6. Q Acoustics 3010i Series 5.1 Speaker Package

Why we love it

  • Accurate Sound
  • Detailed audio perfect for Shooting Games
  • P2P Bracing
P2P bracingNeed a lot of space
Accurate SoundNeed an amp to set up with a ps4

7. JBL Home Cinema 510

Why we love it

  • Compact Design
  • Easily Affordable
  • Deep Bass
CompactMinor sound details sometimes get clipped
Easily AffordableNeed an extra amp to set up with ps4

8. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Why we love it

  • Detailed and accurate sound
  • Wall Mountable
  • Compact Control Console
Compact Control ConsoleExpensive
Wall mountableThe bass might to be too much sometimes

Not only does this classify as the finest surround sound system for ps4. It’s one of the finest surround sound systems for PS5 as well. Check out our article on best speakers for PS5 for more details

9. Yamaha Yht-5950UBL 4K Ultra HD 5.1

Why we love it

  • Clear and Powerful surround sound
  • Easy to set-up
  • 4K ultra HD HDM
4K ultra HD HDMIExpensive
Powerful surround soundNeed an extra amp to set up with ps4

10. Logitech Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Why we love it

  • 5.1 Digital Surround Sound
  • Deep Bass
  • Flexible Setup
Incredible sound qualityWall mounting brackets not included
Easy to set upThe bass is lesser as compared to other models


This concludes our list of the best surround sound for ps4. This list has been compiled after conducting extensive research on the reviews of the ps4 surround sound tests and surround sound headphones for ps4. This list will definitely save you a lot of time and research.

Source: Three-Dimensional Surround Sound Systems Based on Spherical Harmonics

 So go get your favorite ps4 surround sound systems and start gaming! And remember, we always got your back. Happy Gaming! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to connect Bluetooth speakers to ps4?

Unfortunately, there is no way to connect surround sound speakers to a ps4 using only Bluetooth. You can connect them to ps4 using an auxiliary cable using a 3.5mm audio connector. Here is a complete guide on how to do that.

Q2: How to connect surround sound to ps4?

There are multiple ways of connecting ps4 to surround sound. One way of doing that is to use a 3.5mm audio connector.

Q3: How to connect Logitech speakers to ps4?

You can connect your Logitech speakers to the ps4 using an auxiliary cable with a 3.5mm audio jack.