5 Best VR Desktop Apps to Use in 2022

best vr desktop apps

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Virtual reality is not only changing the way we interact and play games but also the way we work and socialize 

One of the significant ways you change your work environment is using a VR or, precisely, a VR desktop app. These types of applications let you use a desktop VR headset and change the scenery at will, giving you ease of mind.

There are dozens of great VR desktop apps out there, each with its own set of functionalities, making the whole process of choosing the best VR desktop app a bit difficult.

This is why today we will review most of them individually, so at the end you can answer questions like what is the best VR app? Also, make sure to check our previous articles as 6 Best WMR Headsets To Buy in 2022 or 10 Best VR for Gaming. If you want to find a good VR headset for your PC first check this article out. So, let’s get into it!

Best VR Desktop App 2022:

Here is the list of the top VR virtual desktop apps currently available:

VR desktop apps Rating
Virtual Desktop10/10 (Editors Choice)
Immersed VR8.5/10
Windows Cliff House
Moonlight Player9.5/10

1)  Virtual Desktop

Why we love it:

  • Highly compatible with Oculus gear
  • Top-notch visuals than any other app
  • Easy to use and adjust
Currently the best steam VR desktop appDifficulty in keyboard typing
360 Degree image and video viewer Lack of social setups
Quite Affordable

2)  Bigscreen

Why we love it:

  • Great emphasis on social VR interaction
  • Significant for watching movies
  • One of the free desktop VR apps
Top-notch VR desktop displayThe controllers can be a bit difficult to navigate
Effective for best VR games pcNot completely free
Cross-platform social features

3)  Immersed VR

Why we love it:

  • Supports multiple tracking pads
  • Highly efficient for productivity
  • Cutting edge VR conference included
Effective connectivity Mediocre keyboard movement
An extensive collection of overlays Contains some glitches
Robust in nature

4)  Windows Cliff House

Why we love it:

  • Immersive VR experience
  • Easy to navigate
  • Highly intuitive in performance
Fully customizable 3D environmentThe controllers are a bit odd at first glance
Equipped with real-time Window's based applicationSlow-paced updates
Greatly increase concentration

5)  Moonlight Player

Why we love it:

  • One of the smoothest remote desktops
  • Compatible with Oculus VR headset for pc
  • Ultra-high 4K resolution
Widely recommended virtual desktop gear VRIts trackpad mode is a bit wanky.
Offers premium resolutionsMost features are under development
Adjustable settings


So, these were our thoughts on the five best VR desktop apps that are widely recommended in 2022. Honestly, if you ask us what is the greatest free VR app? We could say that it depends upon your preferences. If you can pay a bit, then you should definitely go for services like Virtual Desktop.
In contrast to that, for those currently struggling monetarily, apps like Moonlight Player are game-changers. Before choosing VR desktop apps, you should definitely ask yourself, what VR should I buy? each of them is compatible with their own set of software.
There is no second thought that Virtual Desktop is currently the strongest contender on the market due to strong visuals and easy-to-use interference.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1, Where’s my desktop in VR, and how can I find it?
Most of the time, you can’t view your VR pc desktop due to improper settings. To view your desktop in VR, use the preferred controllers and enter the VR dashboard. Then select the desktop window located in the far-right section.
Q2, What is the best VR headset for developing apps?
Both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are strong contenders for developing apps. However, the Vive wins the race because of dozens of positive reviews on multiple surveys.
Q3, How to open desktop up steam VR?
Many VR game opens on desktop through steam VR by pressing the system button on the controller.