10 Best VR for Gaming 【Reviews/Guides 2021】

best vr for gaming

I hope you agree with me when I say this:

 “Gaming penetrates deeply into the pleasure chambers of our brain, and can safely be classified as high-intensity adrenaline” 

That being said, the dopamine effect that gaming envokes has been further enhanced by Virtual reality technology. But that is only the case when using premium VR headsets. So, keeping this thought in mind, I started researching for the best VR for gaming and came up with this guide.

What is the Best Virtual Reality Headset?

Choosing the top Virtual reality headset depends on your needs. If you can afford a high-end pc, I will recommend buying a tethered VR headset for the best experience. From this list, the finest options are Valve Index & HTC Vive Pro. However, if you are looking for a standalone one, Oculus Quest or Quest 2 should be your number one choice. But this is my own personal preference, you should go through this detailed resource to make up your mind.

For now, let’s begin our guide/review of these quality products!

Best VR for Gaming in 2021

Here is an overview of my picks for the top of line & best VR gaming headsets

VR for GamingRating
Oculus Quest 210/10 (Editors Choice)
HTC VIVE Pro9/10
Oculus Rift S9/10
PlayStation VR8.5/10
Oculus Go Standalone8.5/10
Samsung HMD Odessy+8.5/10
Valve Index8.5/10
Acer VR8/10
HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite 8/10
Primax 5k7.5/10

Moreover, If you are one of those people who have no idea about this concept and still wonder what is VR gaming. Worry not! I’ve got you covered, you will find all these answers at the end of the article. If you’re a huge gamer and a fan of Skyrim, see here for an article you’ll love! If you want to look at the VR headsets for PCs specifically, click here.

1. Oculus Quest 2 All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Why We Love It?

  • Completely Standalone VR Headset
  • Backward compatibility with old Oculus apps
  • Can connect with compatible computer with a linking cable



Comes with a Glasses SpacerLow battery life
Great Built-in SpeakersAverage Strap Quality
No-need for External sensors
Clear Image Quality with no SDE
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Why We Love It?

  • Reduces load on your GPUs with Foveated rendering 
  • Improved Visual Clarity than the Original Vive
  • Changes your expectations about the real world (Top-notch Immersion)



Boosted 2880x1600 resolutionSlight SDE
Extremely Comfortable head strapVery Expensive
Price is reasonable

3. Oculus Rift S

Why We Love It?

  • Ranked #1 in PC Virtual Reality Headsets category
  • Step-up from the previous generation of Oculus Rift
  • Much more comfortable face padding



Good enough built-in speakers.Drop in Refresh Rate
SDE is barely VisibleCan get really hot
Designed Ergonomically

4. Playstation VR

Why We Love it?

  • The Only option for PS4 users but still a quality one
  • Comes with a variety of accessories.
  • Easy to understand instruction manual for hooking everything.



Smooth 120 Hz Refresh rateApparent grain because of low res rendering.
Compatible with PS4 with an adapterMight feel dizzy at first
Color-full motion controllers
While VR technology is mostly based on movement, yet there are a few games or even entertainment options that require you to stay still. For that, we recommend opting for a gaming chair. Check out our related article on the best gaming chair for PS5  for more details.


5. Oculus Go Standalone

Why We Love it?

  • Offers Good Pixel Density Per eye
  • Cheap Beginner VR headset
  • Completely standalone



Up to 72 hz Refresh rate3 DOF
Better than Phone VROver heating issues
Premium Looking DesignLow battery life

6. Samsung HMD Odessy+

Why We Love it?

  • It is a breeze to set up
  • Replicating pixel tech for a better viewing experience
  • Nearly zero screen door effect



Crisp & Immersive DisplayNot fit for big headsizes
Free 2 month infinity subscriptionSoftware issues
Wider eye & Nose box

7. Valve Index VR full kit

Why We Love it?

  • Specs overloaded VR
  • Supports HTC Vive controllers & base station
  • Provides a user-friendly & comfortable experience.



Refresh rate up to 144 HZ (Experimental)Very expensive
Improved FOV of 130 degrees
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8. HTC VIVE Cosmos Elite 

  • Offers amazing modularity
  • High overall resolution
  • Crystal Clear Display



Comfortable to WearA tad expensive
Better colors than the IndexIssues with Viveport software
Heats up less than the original vive

9.Acer VR

Why We Love It?

  • Cool looking design
  • WMR & SteamVR support
  • Lightweight & comfortable



More User-friendly than vive & oculusSmaller FOV & resolution
Higher pixel density than the vivaNot glasses Friendly

10. Primax 5k

Why We Love It?

  • Massive Theatre like FOV
  • Supreme color quality
  • Offers a unique design



Massive 5120×1440 overall resolutionExpensive option
Bran warp TechnologyBad Customer Support


Gaming is not just another medium for entertainment, It has now evolved into a full-fledged feeling for players. And Virtual reality has revolutionized the unhealthy aspect of it. With VR technology, you can get much better exercise than most of your other physical activities.

That being said, it can only happen if you own a quality VR headset for gaming. So, the main point of this article was to provide you with my honest research about the finest VR headset for gaming. And I am sure that most people took something out of this article.

But before you go, check out the Faq box & related material at the end of this article to get some extra information regarding VR & gaming.


Do you know Immersion has three different levels? Read this scholarly resource for developing a better understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VR Gaming?

In essence, VR gaming is another form of gaming where technology tries to give you the real-world immersive experience of the game. In easy words, you basically jump into the game itself while wearing your favorite head-mounted display.

Although, the physical feeling replication is not perfect yet, however, VR gaming or virtual reality gaming can help your mental feeling to truly indulge in a separate reality. In short, VR gaming is a dynamic, interactive 3D world where you can experience games at an unimaginative level.

What’s the Best VR system?

VR system means a complete package of VR headset, and If I have to choose one from this list. I will go with either the Valve Index VR system or the HTC Vive VR system.

How to Play VR Games on Pc?

For playing VR games on PC, you first need a VR headset that is compatible with your PC. Second, you need to download the relevant apps for playing games on it. You can use Oculus, Viveport, SteamVR, WMR to play games on PC. To learn more about using our top reviewed product with pc, refer to the video below:

Which VR headset has the most games?

Well, if you are wondering about standalone VR headsets, the answer is simple, Oculus headsets have the most games. But if you consider hybrid ones, I think all tethered VR combined have a massive amount of VR games available. Especially considering my favorite VR fighting games or racing ones. But if you are looking for detailed info, refer to this detailed resource.

 “I’ve honestly performed my duty of providing the correct information, now it’s your turn to utilize this and choose the best one for a premium gaming experience!”