8 Best VR for kids to Buy in 2021

best vr for kids

 I hope you agree with me when I say this:

 VR is a great way to teach and entertain kids 

In this article, you will find our extensive research on what is the best VR for kids. And as a goodwill gesture, we will let you know about the appropriate VR games for kids. Moreover, we have included VR headsets for both 13 years and above or below range. So, without wasting any more time let’s get straight to the point!

If you want to look at the VR headsets for PCs specifically, click here. If you’re a huge gamer and a fan of Skyrim, see here for an article you’ll love! If you don’t want to go into the hassle of buying a VR-compatible device, just see these top VR standalone headsets. If you’re really looking for high quality, you can see the best Oculus VR headsets. If you don’t have a VR device yet, you can buy a phone suitable for VR headsets here.

Best VR for Kids 2021:

Here is the list of our Top VR headsets for kids of different ages.

VR for KidsRating
Abacus VR KIT10/10 (Editors Choice)
Professor Maxwell's VR kit 9/10
Shinecon VR Headset8/10
Oculus Quest 29/10
Oculus Rift S9.5/10
Playstation VR9/10
Destek V57.8/10
BNEXT VR Headset8/10

1. Abacus VR KIT

Why we Love it?

  • Learning and Entertainment at the same time.
  • Step by Step videos for learning.
  • Compatible with Andriod and Apple phones.
Free Bill Nye App for LearningNot suitable for adolescents
Suitable for the Age range of 8-12
Reduced Screen time with short activities
50 PCS Playable VR Set


2. Professor Maxwell’s VR kit

Why We love it?

  • Provides ultimate Immersive learning.
  • Interactive and educational.
  • Suitable for 6 years and up.
Great for teaching/homeschoolingLack of activities
Best Cheap VR headset for Android/IOSLow Build-Quality


3. Shinecon VR Headset

Why We Love It?

  • Lightweight VR headset.
  • Comfortable to Use.
  • Good Reaction Speed and Imaging affect.
Adjustable size to fit any head.Requires 3mm jack to run built-in speakers
Eye Protecting LensesLower build Quality
Built-in Speakers

4. Oculus Quest 2 – Standalone kids/adult VR

Why we Love it?

  • High-Quality Standalone VR.
  • Doesn’t require a Mobile or PC to run.
  • Suitable for adolescents.
  • Can be used by both kids and adults.
Comfortable Not usable with mobiles.
90hz smoothnessA bit expensive.
110 Field of View

5. Oculus Rift S

Why we love it?

  • High-Quality tethered VR headset.
  • Compatible with SteamVR.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Durable and long lasting
80 HZ refresh rate.Wired and tethered headset
Best Average Rating.
Not easily breakable.
Great tracking.

6. Playstation VR

Why we love it?

  • The only console VR headset.
  • Quality is very good
  • Smooth Refresh rate
120hz Refresh rate.Does not work with Mobiles.
Easy Upgrade for Playstation users.
100 Degree Field of View.
Great of 10 Years and above age.
Opting for a surround sound system instead of an headphone for your kids for playing this VR on PS4 is immersive. Check out our related article on Best surround sound for PS4 to get your perfect pick

7. Destek V5

 Why we love this?

  • Lenses with Blue-light filters.
  • Easy to use out of the box.
  • Comes with a Bluetooth controller.
Compatible with any Mobile.No Nose Padding
110 Degree Field of View
Comfortable and Lightweight.

8. BNEXT VR Headset

Why we love this VR?

  • Great Gift for Kids or Adults.
  • Takes 5 min to set up.
  • Tools to center your phone correctly
Comfortable for longer intervals.Not usable with a phone case.
Sturdy build quality.No built-in audio
Adjustable Straps.


We wrote this extensive product review/article to help the parents out in selecting VR for their kids. Depending on the age of your children, you can choose the best-matched VR headset that suits your needs.

Please remember that the combination of “VR and kids” can only work out if they are properly supervised. Getting your kids a VR headset can be worrisome for some people. Because you might think that they will get addicted.

This is the reason we included VR headsets for kids that will provide them with entertainment and will help them learn as well. We know that as parents, you need to consider so many factors such as screentime, addiction, eye strain, etc. That’s why we provided you with ample options to choose from.


Do you know that a high amount of screen time can lead to anxiety and depression? Check out this scholarly research on this topic:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virtual Reality Safe for Eyes?

It depends on the usage interval of the VR headset and build-quality. Most VR headset nowadays has some kind of Bluelight filter. So, it’s safe for normal usage. No screen in the world right now is safe for extended usage.

Can VR hurt your eyes?

No, VR will not hurt your eyes if used for short intervals.

Why is PlayStation VR not for under 12

Playstation VR offers a great immersive experience that can be scary or addicting for children. So, that is why Sony doesn’t recommend using PSVR for children under 10. Secondly, it is a high-quality expensive equipment, and kids under the age of 10 may not be able to use it properly.

What is the appropriate screen time for kids?

The screen time for kids varies and depends on their age. Here is a summary of age-specific screen time.

  • 18-24 Months (Introductory screen time for 5-10 minutes)
  • 2-5 Years (1 Hour screen time daily)
  • 6 and above (No specific screen time but parents should use their judgment to limit it)

For more details read this article regarding screen time for kids.

 We hope that you found your answer for the best VR for kids. Now, It’s time to pick your favorite and surprise your kid with their new gadget. 

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