Best VR Headset for Mac in 2022 [100% Compatible]

Best VR headset for Mac

Although VR headsets should be compatible with all of the operating systems, it usually is not the case. At present, most VR headsets work only with Android or Windows OS. Moreover, there are those as well that are specifically designed for PlayStation consoles.

However, the VR headset market still lacks VRs for Mac OS.

Here is a complete guide to help you make the right decision with regards to VR’s use with Mac. All the compatible headsets are listed and provided along is a guide to set up a VR with a Mac.

Although VR headsets for Mac are rarely an entity in the market, the one that is present beats all the others in features like performance, compatibility, and application library. HTC Vive – basic and Pro, are the only ones termed as iMac VR. HTC Vive series is said to be the all-in-one VR headset. Their all-in-one feature is a hit that makes them stand out.

How to use a VR headset with a Mac?

Get an eGPU

It is rather distressing that Mac users have to make some preliminary settings before making use of a VR with it. In case you are using one of the latest Macbook Pros, you might not have to do this particular step, but for many older versions, you are required to get an eGPU. An eGPU is an External Graphics Unit that is connected to the Mac using Thunderbolt Cable. This ultimately boosts the graphics capabilities to a great extent. This is an essential step to play the Virtual Reality games on your Mac since the power required by the VR applications is too much for it.

Best VR Headsets for Mac 2022:

Here are the top VR headsets for Mac:

VR Flight SimulatorsRatingPrice
1. HTC Vive 10/10 (Editors Choice)
Check Price
2. HTC Vive Pro8/10
Check Price

To put it simply, Mac OS does not really have much of a variety when it comes to compatible VR headsets.

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1. HTC Vive

Why we love it:

  • Easy to Use
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Vast Library
Windows and Mac OS CompatibleNo Built-in Audio
Smooth GraphicsHeavy
6 DoF Controllers

With one of the greatest combinations of hardware, performance, compatibility, and a huge library of applications, HTC Vive is voted the best IMac Vr in the market!

2. HTC Vive Pro

Why we love it:

  • Easy to Use
  • Great Audio
  • Great Visuals
Windows and Mac OS CompatibleExpensive
Excellent 2K DisplayRequires an eGPU on Mac
Great Build Quality


If you really want to go all-in, the Pro version is the best Vr headset for Mac. However, if you consider affordability as another aspect to view the compatibility, the basic version is suited as the one VR headset for Mac.

The eGPU is to be separately bought. Newer Mac versions tend to have an inbuilt high-power graphics unit to sustain VR experiences on their own. However, for older versions, Apple supports GPU software drivers in order to be able to connect to an eGPU. Apple also sells its own version of eGPU called Blackmagic eGPU.

Install Windows on your Mac

Another requirement to efficiently run VR applications and headsets on a Mac is that you need to install Windows OS on your Mac using Bootcamp.

Bootcamp is a free utility available on Mac that can allow the use of both, Windows and Mac OS. Windows can be installed on a Mac system through the Bootcamp.

This step is a requirement because almost no VR applications are Mac compatible. Recently, even SteamVR announced its dropping support for Mac. This means that Mac users will not be able to use SteamVR content even, thus reducing the content accessibility even further.

Moreover, the availability of only 2 VR headsets for Mac has also deemed it necessary to have Windows installed on your Mac. With Windows, the number of compatible VR headsets is automatically increased.

This guide can help you to install Windows on Mac using Bootcamp.

To work with windows check out the guide for Best VR headsets for Gaming.


Here is a short video for a guide on VR on Macbook Pro. This might help in answering your queries on the topic!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oculus Macbook Pro compatible?

Oculus is Macbook Pro compatible as long as the Macbook Pro has Windows installed in it. The hardware requirements do meet the VR, however, the software is not supported by Oculus.

What Mac VR apps are available?

Although the list of Mac VR apps is a relatively short one, there are some very great ones out there. Here are a few examples of Mac VR games that you can enjoy!

What are some of the great VRs for iPhone or iPad VRs?

iOS is far more compatible with VR headsets than the Mac OS. Therefore, there is a huge range of VR headsets for iPhone and iPad. We already have a comprised list of 8 Best VR Headsets for iPhone in 2022.

How to choose a VR Controller?

VR controller is usually dependent on the type of VR headset being used and moreover the need and platform. For the purpose of VR for Mac, the ones with HTC Vive are the most befitting choices due to their compatibility. Moreover, they also provide 6 DoF movements!

For more controller choices, here is a list of the best VR controllers.

Is VRChat for Mac available?

VRChat for Mac is currently unavailable. The only way to run it on Mac is by installing Windows first and then run VRChat on Windows OS on Mac.


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VRs for Mac or more importantly, VRs for Macbook Pro are very few. However, the positive news has been flashing around relating to Apple in Virtual Reality. Apple glasses are considered to be in the making at the moment and moreover, Apple VR/AR headsets are probably on their way as well. With the success of the rumors of Apple Virtual Reality, it highly seems likely that Apple Virtual Reality will give tough competition to its counterparts. The article on Apple Virtual Reality will give you a greater insight into this matter.

For the convenience of Mac OS or iOS users, more questions have been answered under the FAQ section!

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