6 Best VR Headsets For Movies to buy in 2021

I hope you agree with me when I say

 Virtual Reality is widely regarded as the future of entertainment 

Everyone loves watching movies and using VR as a medium for watching movies is gaining traction these days.

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After conducting hours of research, we put forward the listing on the best VR headset for movies. Furthermore, we tried to answer one of the most frequently asked questions through FAQ’s present at the end of the article, so let’s get started!

Best VR Headset For Movies 2021:

Here are the top VR headsets for watching movies:

VR HeadsetsRatingPrice
1) Valve Index VR10/10(Editors Choice)
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2) GOOVIS G2 PRO9/10
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3) Oculus Quest8.5/10
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4) Oculus Rift S8/10
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5) Sony PlayStation VR9/10
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6) HTC VIVE Cosmos
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1) Valve Index VR

Why we love it: –

  • High-end virtual reality headset for pc
  • True cinema experience
  • Durable
Fantastic image qualityLower versatility as require PC connection
Powerful controllersExpensive VR headset for watching movies

For those who want a super-powerful high-end VR headset, the Valve Index VR won’t let you down.


Why we love it:

  • 4k 3D visuals
  • Decent battery life
  • Advanced connectivity
Vivid colors in the displayIt can be costly
Top-notch battery timingThe screen can be defective

GOOVIS G2 Pro a great VR for movies that use HDMI as an interface so it can be connected to multiple devices at once. Whether you’re equipped with game consoles, smartphones, setup boxes, or even a PC user, it got you covered.

3) Oculus Quest

Why we love it: –

  • Powerful graphics
  • Best cheap VR headset
  • Bright screen
Provides one of the highest refresh ratesSusceptible to motion sickness
OLED equippedLack of dedicated headphones

It can be easily said that Oculus Quest is among the most amazing VR headsets for watching movies, plus it’s priced around $500, so it’s affordable VR for those who want a great experience in the movies without losing the quality in a budget price!

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4) Oculus Rift S

Why we love it: –

  • Highly accessible
  • Enhanced freedom of rotation
  • Aesthetic look
Easy to useMassive headset
Vigorous tracking systemUnavailable HDMI support

While it has some weaknesses as compared to high-end VR, the Oculus Rift S is a perfect choice for value-based users.

5) Sony PlayStation VR

Why we love it: –

  • Stylish look
  • Motion tracking installed
  • Fast response time
Prominent refresh ratesProvides lower resolutions
A highly affordable option for PS4 usersInferior field of view as compared to competitors
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The Sony PlayStation VR is packed with a 5,7-inch 1080p OLED display. With a refresh rate of 90 hertz or, in some cases, 120 hertz. It gives you a superfast response time, which is excellent for watching virtual reality movies and gaming enthusiasts.

With its extensive library, incredible performance, and tons of comfort, the Sony PlayStation VR is one of the most impressive VRs

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6) HTC VIVE Cosmos

Why we love it: –

  • Lightweight
  • Multi-functional graphics
  • Smother visuals
Sharp visuals due to high-resolution LCDThe initial setup is complex
Wide range of viewHighly expensive option

If you want the best overall cinema experience, HTC Vive Cosmos is your one-stop-shop


You can use various types of equipment for watching movies. From smartphones to tablets, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, but in the VR Space for movies, everything will be so crisp, sharp, and clear, compared to any other device you ever have seen.

It allows you to get a cinema experience from the comfort of your home. And the best part is that they come in a variety of budget ranges so you can enjoy high-quality movies with a go.

But choosing the perfect virtual reality headset is not as simple as its sounds. You need to consider different aspects like resolution, device capability, motion sickness, and even budget.

Lucky for you our listing effectively covers all these features. So, choose any of the above best standalone VR headsets and get ready for non-stop entertainment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Types Of Virtual Reality For PC?

Before you get yourself top-notch VR gear, it’s best to know the two widely available types in which they come in.

Some of the greatest VR headsets for movies can be availed with a built-in screen display while others get the job done by using your smartphone. Most of the VR that has a pre-built screen display can be costly as they provide greater resolutions than standard ones.

However, as phones are readily available nowadays, so considering a regular VR headset can save a decent amount of cash.

But one thing is for sure the display resolution provided with a custom VR will make the difference in your overall experience. So, choose wisely and watch it effectively!