Best VR Kit For Ps4 to Buy in 2022【Reviewed】

I hope that you will agree with me when I say:

 Virtual reality is a new era in the gaming industry. 

The three big console makers are offering quality experiences. Xbox game studios have strived toward a future tailored toward accessibility through any device.

Nintendo, on the other hand, has created a genuinely unique console handheld hybrid experience. Simultaneously, Sony interactive has made tremendous achievements in making the best VR space in the market. That is not only more accessible and affordable but also appealing to large masses. This is the sole reason today we will be discussing VR kit for PS4, that will be suitable for your needs. Furthermore, if you want additional information, make sure to check our FAQ’s section, where we tried to answer your most frequent questions, especially which vr should I buy. If you want to look at the VR headsets for PCs specifically, click here. If you’re a huge gamer and a fan of Skyrim, see here for an article you’ll love!

So, without further ado let’s get started!


Why We Love It: –

  • Dozens of exclusive games
  • Seamless visuals
  • 3D audio technology
Decent performanceRequires additional accessories
Highly affordablePoor motion tracking
Relatively adjustableLacks wireless setup

Ergonomically speaking, this VR headset is designed to look straight out of a sci-fi movie. It’s lightweight but relatively stable and can be instantly adjusted, even if you use glasses. Besides, the padded plastic crown always keeps your head posture at a single spot.

Buying Guide Of Best VR Kit For Ps4

There are dozens of VR set ps4 out there, but to answer, which VR should I buy? We need to go through a detailed buying procedure, so in the end, you can get your best VR kit for ps4, without any hustle. let’s get started!


If you are interested in getting a ps4 VR bundle, the first thing before you consider buying one is the PS4 system that you will be playing on. The good thing is that most of the PSVR bundle, or PSVR in general, is compatible with all PS4 systems. Whether the original model, i.e., the Cu H 1000 series or the new slimline based models. But if you plan on getting a PS4 or already have one for VR in general, we recommend upgrading it to the PS4 pro system as it has tons of advantages at the back end.

It can enhance the visual fidelity through increasing the game’s resolution, draw distances, faster texture mapping, and load times or, in short, making a crisp VR experience. Remember, as you’re taking a screen and putting it merely inches away from your eyes, any increase in graphical fidelity is a significant plus and can be the difference between a blurry and nauseating experience to a genuine and immersive experience.

2)  VR SET PS4

If you decided which PlayStation 4 system you will be playing on, the next thing you should keep in consideration is the PS VR system that you will be buying. Now whether you’re looking to get a brand-new second-hand, there are two significant revisions to the PlayStation VR headsets. The CUH-ZVR1 and the CUH-ZVR2.

The most significant difference between these two models is that the original PlayStation VR unit is much more complicated with its cables and doesn’t allow for HDR pass-through on any TV sets. Meaning, if you are going to play games like Horizon zero dawn in 4K HDR on your TV, you would have to unplug your PS4 from the processing unit and back into your TV every time you wanted to switch between your games.

This is clearly a major drawback, but the CUH-ZVR2 allows 4k HDR pass-through. Once plugged, whether on a VR set or regular TV, you never have to mess with the cables, ever again. This is the main reason why we recommend getting a best VR kit for ps4 with the newest ps4 VR headset.


Speaking of VR kits for PS4, there may be dozens of them widely available on Amazon, but the most common types of them are,

  • The first type of bundle is sold for around 300 to $400, which includes a PlayStation VR headset, a camera, two packing games, and a demo game.
  • While the second one is more expensive, one retailed around 500 to $600 with all the similar parts, except a set of PlayStations move controllers.

Now, let’s discuss the accessories incomes with these bundles in details,


This accessory comes with every PS4 and PS4 pro system, so you don’t need to buy separately. But as it’s the only method of playing traditional games in front of a TV, it is one of several for playing PS4 VR games. They are intuitively designed and comes in a range of color options. Plus, these controllers are equipped with refined analog sticks and triggers, a stereo headset jack and ofcource motion sensors to mimic the players’ movement.


The second major accessory that comes equipped with high-end bundles is the PlayStation motion controllers. Sony offers these handheld controllers in a bundle that’s a little more expensive than an essential VR bundle. But if you plan on buying these separately, these controllers will cost you anywhere around $100.

They can enhance your VR experience as they are lightweight and compatible with most of the newer PS4 VR games and quite advanced when it comes to tackling sensory movement. Making them a must for VR enthusiasts. So, if you can afford the upfront costs, look into getting a more expensive VR set ps4 bundle that includes them, instead of getting them separately.


If you made your mind to getting move controllers for PS4 VR, make sure to go for a bundle equipped with a charging cradle. These little docks will keep the PlayStation move controllers charged at all times, and whether or not you have the mini or micro-USB cable, it’s completely irrelevant. As it utilizes smart magnets and pins at the bottom, freeing the limited amount of USB ports on your playstation4.


The third major accessory that comes with the best VR kit for ps4 is the PlayStation 4 VR aim controllers. This type of controller is designed for one specific genre of video games: first-person shooting. While games like Skyrim VR ps4 or Doom VFR are controlled just fine using a regular dual shock controller but if you are going for more emersion in virtual reality, why not go for the extra mile and get this limited accessory.

It has all the same buttons as a dual shock four does, but relocated in different spots to fit the ergonomics, making the games feel so much immersive. Unlike using an analog stick to aim, you will use the motion senses to aim where ever you want and then fire away. So, if you plan to play many first-person shooters, the PlayStation 4 VR aim controller is a must-have.


The last thing on our list for accessories is the PlayStation Virtual Reality Headsets. While the VR sets for PlayStation include a category of headphones but if you are like most of the ps4 VR games enthusiast, you can always go for the headset that is tailored according to your needs, i.e., PlayStation Gold wireless headset. But keep in mind that you can’t use them wirelessly, even with the included dongle, for whatever reason.

You will need to incorporate the included 2.5 mm headphone jack to run from the headphones into the virtual reality system. Now the reason, why we genuinely recommend this to you is because the band that runs from ear cup to ear cup is a lot thinner, making the headphones and VR headset don’t intermingle with each other. Giving you a comfortable experience all around!


Let’s suppose you have chosen a VR kit for ps4, including the desired accessories, then the final thing you need to go through and decide if the game selection. Generally speaking, PlayStation VR leads the VR marketplace, in terms of its overall game library, with many different titles still in development. While there are currently more than 600 VR games now available, they are divided into two major categories. One is the PlayStation VR dedicated titles, while the other one is the PlayStation VR compatible titles.

A perfect example of a PlayStation VR dedicated game would be the ASTRO BOT, which comes with the best VR kit for ps4. On the other hand, a perfect example of a PSVR compatible title would be NO MAN’S SKY, as you can play it on a regular TV or directly on VR set PS4. So, keep in mind which bundle comes with the more immersive and top-rated titles is according to your personal preferences. Furthermore, for an in-depth talk about the PSVR games, make sure to check below.


Astro bot is one of the renowned titles in VR games, published by SIE Japan, which has a history of producing games for new PlayStation hardware and peripherals. Some have called Astro bot the Mario 64 of the VR franchise as this game is thrilling to play through. Plus, it won the Best VR game award in 2018, so it definitely has potential for VR sets.

Power on your red and blue lightsabers and get ready to slash away tons of blocks coming to the beats of the music in BEAT SABER. This VR game is perhaps one of, if not the most demanding titles that you will see in any PS4 VR SET bundle. And while the game has been released on other VR platforms as well, it certainly is a blast to playthrough.

When Bethesda isn’t distracted in developing and releasing half-baked games like Fallout 76, now and then, they remind the world that they are capable of producing a game that’s not only functional but fun to playthrough. DOOM VFR is a perfect example for those titles that utilize all of the main control inputs available for the PlayStation VR. So, blast your way through hordes of demons like never before in this immersive first-person shooter for VR platforms.

The original Five Nights At Freddy’s were a hit from 2014 to 2015. Everybody had either heard of this game or seen someone play them. And while the games themselves were simple, it only made sense to port them into VR headsets. This game features the first three titles’ ports with some minor tweaks throughout, tied together in a brand-new storyline. So, get ready to face new terrors and survive each night with a completely new VR experience.

This charming and comedic game is short, with its overall playtime but is full of characters that you will enjoy facing in different environments. Whether in the offices, restaurants, gas stations, and even mechanical shops, you will find yourself completely submerged. This comedic take on a vigorous day to day lives deserves a particular spot in anyone’s VR gaming arsenal.

If you are a fan of the fifth Elder Scroll games and want to experience it in a new virtual way rather than a regular TV or a port, then SKYRIM VR PS4 is a must-have. It features an imaginary world, full of story, mystery, and of course, adventure!


So, this was the review for the best VR kit for PS4, in which I walked you through almost everything that you need to keep in the account before getting a PlayStation VR experience. But before you move on, there is a thing or two that are worth mentioning.

The first thing is the mindset that you need to have before buying a virtual reality headset ps4. This means that the PlayStation VR might never give you the perfect immersive experience that is widely advertised. And with the current technology, it’s merely an accessory to make your gameplay experiences much more immersive than that of a standard TV set.

That being said, we highly recommend PlayStation VR, especially in the form of a bundle, if you need a sufficient virtual experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1, How to tackle Motion Sickness in VR sets?

When you first buy your PS VR bundle, make sure to start with games like Astro bot or Tetris effect to get an idea of how to respond to a 3D world. Once you get the hang of it, then try games like Wipeout VR ps4 or Skyrim VR ps4, so you won’t get sick as your head incorporates with the movement.

Q2, Oculus Rift S or PSVR, which VR headset is the best?

The closest competitor of PSVR is the Oculus Rift S at around $400. But that does take into account that the Rift S might require a relatively heavy Pc to work, not suitable for PlayStation 4. This makes PSVR one of the decent options out there.

Q,3 Which VR should I buy?

The PlayStation VR has been out for 4 to 5 years, and while more advanced VR headsets have certainly made their way onto the market place, this virtual reality headset beats them in three major categories. Including accessibility, affordability, and game selection. In short, it’s definitely recommended!

Q,4 What is the superhot vr ps4 price?

You can get this game around 35 to $40, on Amazon.