5 Best Wireless VR Headsets 【Reviewed 2022】

best wireless vr headsets

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Wireless VR technology is changing the way we interact and the way we visualize reality 

That’s why today, we will discuss the non-premium / premium wireless VR headset for pc currently on the market. Also, if you need further information, make sure to check our previous articles as Best WMR Headsets To Buy or Best VR for Gaming.

If you don’t have a device to connect VR to, no problem! You can simply read this article and choose the best standalone VR for you. If you’re really fixated on quality, then these Oculus headsets are sure to fascinate you as well!

Basic Buying Guide:

Before you start using a wireless VR headset for pc, there are some other things that you need to consider. Now, first of all, you need to redefine the field of view of your VR. It is the degree of wideness when you’re in virtual reality mode. A low FOB (field of view) of looking through binoculars, so make sure that your device has some decent field view.

Similarly, the refresh rate is another factor that leads to more remarkable performance. So, in general, higher is better, but higher frames per second will account for more power-efficient computers. Also, try to check out 10 Best VR for Gaming if you want more information on this topic.

Next up is the screen door effect, which was more prevalent in first-gen headsets. It leaves you with the sensation of viewing an image through a screen door. Now the newer headsets have mostly minimized the issue; however, it’s better to save than sorry. Furthermore, inside tracking should also be not left alone.

VR devices use cameras on the outside of the headsets to track their position orientations and where the controllers are. Headsets from Oculus do a terrific job, but the tracking of some of the other headsets like the Valve and HTC Vive should also be considered.

Lastly, you should aim for VR’s with at least 6 degrees of freedom. If you see anything below that, don’t even bother. This will allow almost every motion is captured perfectly, leading to greater immersion.[/su_note]

Important Tips for Every VR Enthusiast

For most people, VR is more than just a hobby. If you’re a VR enthusiast, the following tip will help you out,

1. Try to get a microfibre cloth to reduce the screen fog

It’s a personal experience that the VR lens gets foggier as you start playing VR games over time. It leads to many complications, so try to equip a microfibre cloth with yourself for cleaning the screen fog instead of using your T-shirt to wipe off the screen.

2. Make sure to use a mat or indicator on the floor in real-time

While in VR, using a different floor texture surrounding the ground is hugely beneficial in the VR realm. If you use one of the mats, you will break the immersion reducing factor. This implementation also helps out new users of the VR to get used to the disorientation.

3. Using a VR pulley system will help you out in the long run

Most of the VR titles have a decent degree of rotational movement, which can induce the user’s chances of tripping over it. One way to counter this is using a wireless adaptor but if your system is not compatible with one, make sure to buy a VR pulley system.

Best Wireless Virtual Reality Headset 2022:

Here is the list of the top wireless VR headsets currently available:

Wireless VRsRating
Oculus Quest 210/10 (Editors Choice)
HTC Vive Cosmos Elite9/10
Playstation VR9.5/10
Pico Neo 28.5/10
HTC VIVE Pro9.5/10

1)  Oculus Quest 2

Why we love it:

  • The best VR headsets for gaming on the market
  • High-end 1832 x 1920 visuals
  • Easy to set up and use

Snapdragon XR2 processor with 6GB of RAMIts software is a bit odd to use at first glance
Over the edge cinematic audio Shorter battery lifetime
Huge gaming library

According to the manufacturer, the battery time is anywhere around 2-3 hours, but you can definitely get more out of it, even if you use it as a VR headset for gaming. All in all, it's the best virtual reality headset that we highly recommend to all VR enthusiasts out there.

2) HTC Vive Cosmos Elite

Why we love it:

  • Wireless VR headset with crystal display
  • Highly compatible accessories
  • VR headset for gaming

Perfect for all gamers It contains some stutter issues
Dynamic stereo quality Faulty wireless dongle
Adjustable head strap

The only major downfall to this gadget is faulty controllers, which are not great for general usage. Similarly, the refresh rate that maxes out at 90Hz is in the mediocre range according to modern-day standards. Other than that, it’s a fine VR headset to buy in the wireless category.

3)  Playstation VR

Why we love it:

  • Ergonomically feasible motion controllers
  • Wide variety of discrete gaming library
  • It comes with additional accessories

Available in various bundles Only compatible with the console
Multiple positive VR headsets reviewsFor new-gen gaming, it's a bit outdated
Highly affordable console VR

So, in the end, before you ask yourself which VR should I buy? You should consider PSVR’s high-end functionalities. It’s a budget VR headset on our list and the ideal candidate as a VR for consoles.

4)  Pico Neo 2

Why we love it:

  • It’s the prime VR headset for developers
  • Operates under high fidelity
  • Ideal VR headset prices

Top-notch display quality Lacks premium app store
Wireless support available The lenses get foggy over time
True build quality

On top of that, the colors that it will induce will be of supreme quality. So, whenever you ask yourself, what is the best VR headset to buy? Keep in mind that this headset is up and running

5)  HTC VIVE Pro

Why we love it:

  • Top of the line details
  • Immersive audio with voice cancellation
  • Ergonomically stable

A greater degree of comfort It has some issues with the hardware
Supports quality base stations Software and troubleshoots are challenging to manage
Up to 2 months of free VR games and apps

It still has some left-over functionality, but nothing is perfect, especially in the technology realm, making sense. The build quality is excellent, the headphones are integrated, and the visuals are top-notch, a perfect 10/10 in our book.

Everything You Need To Know About VR Headsets

With so many users getting into VR technology, things become a bit complicated, especially for a general consumer. That’s why the following guide will help you out on your virtual journey; –

General Requirements

The prominent place to start with your VR is knowing the necessary system requirements. Multiple VR headset reviews for pc suggest the bare minimum should include a windows 10 PC, a reasonably recent CPU with at least four cores, and clock speeds around 3GHz. Simultaneously, the optimal GPU should be a GTX 1060 or better with 16GB of ram.

Moreover, your GPU should have a display port, and the PC will also need a USB 3.0 port. Also, remember that you can get into PC VR with a slightly weaker machine; however, if you want to play the latest games at decent framerates, you’re going to need at least these specs.

Additionally, it is recommended for the VR play area to have six and a half feet by six and a half feet. Again, you can perform VR activities in a smaller space or go for stationary VR in a chair, but that will significantly limit the immersion.


So, these were the best wireless VR headsets that anyone should opt for in 2022. Most of the things that are beneficial for getting a decent VR experience are already given. But if you want more from your device, make sure it has proper IDP adjustments.

It is interpupillary, which helps you find the ideal focal point for VR lenses. So, make sure to tailor this value according to your personal preferences. Also, try to read out the necessary manual guide that comes with the headsets. It will give you a basic idea of how to set it up without any hustle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How much does a great VR controller for pc costs?

Well, it depends on your personal preferences as well as your budget range. However, controllers for devices like Vive Pro can cost anywhere between 100-$130.

Q2. What is the value VR headset wireless in 2022?

There is no doubt that Oculus Quest 2 is an affordable VR headset pc currently on the market. It has some high-end features incorporated, which you can get without breaking the bank.

Q3. What is the best VR headset desktop?

The HTC Vive might not be the greatest inexpensive VR headset, but it is the finest edition of desktop performance.