Borderlands 2 Cheats – God Mode & Console Commands

borderlands 2 cheats

Borderlands 2 is one of the most exciting First-person shooting games you can find. The game offers an incredible storyline with hilarious moments and makes you grind to get good.

But if you are looking for a way to enjoy the game with the best borderlands 2 cheats PC and guides, then without further ado, let us dive right in.

Borderlands 2 Cheats:

Duplicate your money and items

This is one of the most needed borderlands 2 cheats if you are looking to play the game to its fullest. This borderlands 2 money cheat is both applicable for PC as well as console Console.

How to duplicate money and items:

  • Start game in Co-op mode
  • Have at least another player with you
  • Stand next to the other player
  • Select the items you have to duplicate
  • Give them to the other player
  • Instantaneously quit the game

As you did not save the game when you quit, the items, money, or weapons you traded will still be in your inventory. But the other person you traded the valuables with will also have them.

The great thing about this borderlands 2 money cheat for PC is, you can use it as many times as you like to. This is the best way in borderlands 2 for money farming early.

But make sure to not duplicate the items by using these borderlands 2 cheats, as it can initiate a saving process which will eventually ruin the whole plan.

Unlimited Golden Keys

This borderlands 2 golden key cheat lets you have an infinite amount of Golden keys. This is a glitch in the game that we are going to take full advantage of. So if you are looking for how to get unlimited golden keys in borderlands 2 PC version, this is the way to go.

What is needed to make this work:

  • 2 console commands
  • 2 different controllers
  • 2 different accounts
  • A removable USB flash drive
  • Golden keys (of course)

Step-by-step process:

  • First player copies the saved game on file and saves it to the USB flash drive
  • Stay near the sanctuary when saved to speed up the process
  • Second player keeps their saved file somewhere else than the USB flash drive and holds the items
  • Game starts
  • Both players load from the same file
  • Player 1 has to be the host
  • When both players are in sanctuary, remove USB flash drive from where saved game was loaded
  • Notification will pop up
  • Do not choose new storage and just press continue
  • Player 1 opens golden loot cheat
  • Player 2 grabs the loots from the chest (two purple rare shields, one rocket launcher – rare purple, two mods – rare purple)
  • Both players press save and leave the game
  • Player 1 quits game without saving
  • When player 1 logs in again the golden key previously used will be in its place

This borderlands 2 golden key cheat is one of the vital borderlands 2 cheats that can be used as many times you want.

So now that you know how to get borderlands 2 infinite golden keys, get down to business.

Borderlands 2 Exp Glitch

This borderlands 2 exp glitch is a very simple way to earn Exp.

How to access this glitch:

  • Complete optional guests that come from Tiny Tina in Tundra express
  • Get invited to the RSVP quest
  • Lure the flesh stick inside the cave of Tiny Tina and put him inside tiny trap
  • Kill him to initiate the borderlands 2 max level cheat
  • Gain from 1800 to up to 3000 exp for every kill and up to 5000 exp on the second play through
  • Go back to Tiny Tina and restart the quest

The borderlands 2 level cheat works better if you are playing with more than one player. You can do the killing and make another player stand where Flash Stick is supposed to spawn. This will make him keep spawning in his spawn location and you can farm exp by killing him over and over again.

One of the downsides of the borderlands 2 max level cheat is, sometimes he stops spawning. If that happens, simply get back to the starting areas and exit the game then return to the game.

This is cooperatively tough to do with borderlands 2 console commands, but not impossible. All you have to do is delete all the patches by clear hard drive cache with the borderlands 2 console commands for your Xbox 360.

Tip: This borderlands 2 XP glitch also works for solo gameplay.

True Vault Hunter Mode

If you are looking for borderlands 2 codes on PC to find True vault hunter mode, then save yourself the hassle. To get the true vault hunter mode, you just have to complete the game once. And this will unlock the mode for you.

Borderlands 2 Legendary Weapons Cheat

These borderlands 2 legendary weapons cheat will let you gain a list of all the legendary items (orange items) easily.

The blow list is for you to know which boss or enemies will drop which items. IF you play the co-op with 4 players on your team, the chance of getting the legendary items increases by a ton. And if after you kill the enemy, you do not find the item, simply close the game and start the fight all over again.

Borderlands 2 Flying Emperor – Killing the assassins and the southpaw steam and power. borderlands 2 flying emperor also has an increased chance of dropping by killing Assassin wot in Digistruct Peak.

Borderlands 2 Hammer Buster – By killing The Dust.

Borderlands 2 Bitch Code – By defeating The Bunker. You use the borderlands 2 bitch code in the Where Angels Fear To Tread mission

Borderlands 2 Goty Trainer

The borderlands 2 goty trainer is a gameplay trainer that can be used to run variou

s borderlands 2 cheats pc on your computer. If you are looking for how to hack borderlands 2 pc, goty trainer is your safe bet.

Note: Some versions of the game does not work with the content

Goty TrainerPurpose
Num1borderlands 2 invincible cheat
Num2infinite money
Num3infinite ammo
Num4noclip for borderlands 2
Num5 unlimited exp
Num6borderlands 2 skill points cheat for pc
Num7infinite tokens
Num8borderlands 2 aimbot with insane accuracy
Num9health regen
Num0one-shot enemies

F1 is the borderlands 2 infinite shield code in this trainer.

F6 is borderlands 2 the infinite eridium cheat for pc version

Borderlands 2 DLC Unlocker for Steam

You can get your free borderlands 2 DLC unlocker for steam from the renowned MPGH ( Multiplayer game hacking) website. Simply register to their website for free and join for the free DLC unlocker.

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Egg on your face in Borderlands 2

Egg on your face is a mission in bl2 that is optional in the sir hammerlock’s big game hunt.

Splinter group

This bl2 splinter code or walk-through is for the optional mission on the game that is given by Patricia tannis.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Find the splinter group by talking to Tannis
  • Retrieve special pizza from bar
  • Take it to bloodshot stronghold
  • Find two bridges in thrid room with some water channels
  • Go to the intercom with the pizza left at the centre table

Now splinter group will spawn one after another.

Borderlands 2 god Mode

To play borderlands 2 in god mode you can download the trainer from which is absolutely free to use.

This mod will allow you to:

  • Heal instantaneously.
  • Custom money earning
  • Increase in walking speed
  • Add skill points
  • Add golden keys
  • Zero reload
  • Fast fire
  • Jump higher
  • Add eridium

And so much more.

Borderlands 2 Item Generator

To get better weapons and items in the game, this borderlands 2 item generator will help you out. These borderlands 2 exploits work around the slot machines inside the game.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Go to slot machine after the game has been autosaved
  • If you do not like what you get, quit came without saving and sign out
  • Login again to see the money back in your inventory

These borderlands 2 cheats pc works, because you initiate the game from the first auto-saved place. So any further change will not impact the game.

Borderlands 2 Developer Console Commands

Let us talk about how to use borderlands 2 console commands from the list. If you are wondering how to use how to use console commands in borderlands 2 then you can follow the borderlands 2 console commands list given below.

How to use the console commands:

  • Go to the Willowgame configuration
  • Open DefaultInPut with NotePad app

Paste these lines given below:



Now to learn more about Borderlands 2 developer console commands press the tilde key.

Now you can use the borderlands 2 developer console commands on the screen.

Console CommandsWhat it does
Type Stat fps
Press EnterFps appears on top right
Type TogglehudHUD menu is removed from game
DeveloperSpawnAwesomeItemsFor spawn weapons

Note: As an online game, using the developer mode may open you up to borderlands 2 profile editor virus or the sham code. So stay clear of websites that are not trusted and enjoy the game to its fullest.

For more detailed information on this game, you can check this out.

So now that you have thorough knowledge regarding all the borderland 2 cheats, get started on new and improved experience of gaming. With the help of borderlands 2 console commands, anything is possible!

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