Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheats, Unlockables & Mods 2022

divinity original sin 2 cheats

Playing this game without cheats is fun, but our purpose is to inform you about ways to ease your gameplay experience. But it’s not that simple, you can’t just open a cheat console in this game, and add commands. You have to use third-party trainers to use Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheats.

So, Without wasting any more time, let’s begin our guide on Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheat codes, walkthroughs, and tips.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheats, Walkthroughs, and Tips

Before we start this guide, you should know that we will be showing you some third-party cheat engines. That’s why you need to learn how to use these cheats/mods on different platforms. These Divinity Original Sin 2 Mods will help you out like normal cheat codes, but they can break with updates. We do wish that cheating in this game was as simple as Sims 4 Cheats.

Using these Cheats on PC, PS4, and Xbox one

The unfortunate thing about this game is that it does not have pre-embedded cheats that you can use. So, for that, using a 3rd-party trainer is the only option.

But there is another bad news, you cannot use trainers to cheat on Divinity Original Sin 2 PS4 and Xbox One versions. For more info look at the table below:

Platform Available ways to cheat
1. Cheats on Divinity Original Sin 2 PC version You can use trainers, walkthroughs, and exploits
2. Cheats on Divinity Original Sin 2 PS4 version You can only use walkthrough and exploits
3.Cheats on Divinity Original Sin 2 Xbox One version You can only use walkthrough and exploits

It’s pretty clear from the table above that, it’s not possible to use cheats on Xbox One and PS4 versions of Divinity Original Sin 2.

But before you console players skedaddle, we will urge you to stay because we have included tips and guides that apply to your version of the game as well.

We know that you came here looking for console cheats, but it’s not our fault, the developers just didn’t want you to cheat. But PS4 players can use this XP glitch that still works. Glitches are the ray of hope for console players to cheat in this game.

PS4 Max Stat Glitch

This glitch might not be the Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Cheat, but still, it’s better than nothing. We sure hope that games like this include console cheats in the future. So the console players can enjoy cheating as well. Now let’s go through some Walkthroughs that you can use to create an easier path in this game. So, let’s start with our pickpocketing/thievery guide.

Thievery/pickpocketing guide for Divinity Original Sin 2

Thievery and pickpocketing in DOS 2 can help you increase your wallet size easily with proper guidance, but it is very risky as well. Especially during pickpocketing, you need to follow certain tips, so you don’t get caught. Before that, you need to know the limits, so here is the list:

Note: You need to enter “sneak mode” to pickpocket, and you cannot exceed the below-listed limits.

Weight Limit of Gold
2 kilogramIt has a Limit of 300gp
4 kilogramIt has a Limit of 450gp
6 kilogramIt has a Limit of 1100gp
8 kilogramIt has a Limit of 2350gp
10 kilogramIt has a Limit of 3800gp
12 kilogramIt has a Limit of 6000gp
14 kilogramIt has a Limit of 9400gp
16 kilogramIt has a Limit of 14800gp
18 kilogramIt has a Limit of 23300gp
20 kilogramIt has a Limit of 36650gp
22 kilogramIt has a Limit of 57700gp
24 kilogramIt has a Limit of 90750gp
26 kilogramIt has a Limit of 142850gp
28 kilogramIt has a Limit of 224750gp
30 kilogramIt has a Limit of 353650gp

Now that you know what the limits are for DoS 2 thievery, we will share some pickpocketing tips with you.

Tips for Pickpocketing in DOS2

  • When pickpocketing an NPC what you should always do is engage them in small talk. After that use your characters to start looting the poor soul.
  • Use a smokescreen to quickly pickpocket the NPCs. This will not get you caught, even if everyone is staring at you. Smokescreen is a great way to steal in broad daylight.
  • Another tip is to isolate the NPCs from the crowd. Talk with NPCs using one of your characters, and then teleport that character during your talk. The NPC will follow the character he was talking to then use your other characters to pickpocket the NPCs in a safe place instead of a crowded area.
  • Usually, you can only pickpocket any NPC once per character. So use different characters to steal from the same NPC.

These thievery guides cannot be classified as Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheats, but these tips can come in handy as well. And if you are looking for more walkthrough’s check out this  detailed resource. Moreover, also check out our skills information box for some brief guides on different skills. Now that you know all these skills, let’s dive straight into the Cheat Codes that you can use with mods.

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Using Mods in Divinity Original Sin 2

As we have already established that you cannot cheat in Divinity Original Sin 2 with console commands. The only way to cheat conventionally in this game is by using mods. There is a variety of Mods available online for this game, but we recommend that you should only use the trusted ones.

Remember mods/trainers can also stop working after updates, and can also break the game. So, please use them cautiously. So, here are a few trainers/mods that you can use for Divinity Original Sin 2 cheats on PC.

WeMod Trainer for DOS2

The first trainer on our list is trusted among the DoS 2 community. This is our go-to trainer for using XP or Money cheats in Divinity Original sin 2.

It is very easy to use, you just download the trainer, and simply run it. After that, you will be able to see your games listed. Select DOS 2 and click on play, after that you can either minimize and click on the cheats that you want to use or you can simply use these toggles:

Toggle Function
F1 Activates Divinity Original Sin 2 God Mod
F2Activates Unlimited action points
F3Activates the Instant Cool down of abilities
F4Activates Fast Kill
F5Activates Divinity Original Sin 2 Unlimited Money Cheat
F6Activates Unlimited Items
F7Activates Unlimited Weight
F8Activates Divinity Original Sin 2 Mega XP cheat
F9Activates Unlimited Source Points
F10Activates Unlimited Attribute Points
F11Activates Unlimited Combat points
CTRL+F1Activates Unlimited Civil Points
CTRL+F2Activates Unlimited Talent Points
CTRL+F3Activates Unlimited Durability

You might be wondering, if this is a definitive edition trainer, the answer is yes, we have tested this trainer on that version of the game.

Cheat Commander mod for Divinity Original Sin 2

We personally love the Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheat Commander mod because it works differently. The best thing about this trainer is that you can download it directly from the Steam Workshop. The way it works is unique for any mod, it adds an elf into your game and you have to interact with it to use your cheats. You can summon the cheat commander anywhere by using the cheat book that you received when opening the game with the cheat Mod enabled.

Here is a list of cheats that you can use with the cheat commander.

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Function Notes
GoldYou can interact with the elf in Divinity Original Sin 2 to get small or large amount of gold with this cheat.
Character experienceYou can add character experience by interacting with the elf
Character Level ChangeYou can change your character level to a specific one
Legendary gear generatedThis interaction can generate your full sets of legendary gear available at your current level
Spawn items You can interact with the elf and spawn items in Divinity Original Sin 2
Create skill book for any skill typeYou an create any Skill book which includes the combination books.
Extra attribute and Talent Point added You can use the elf to add an extra talent point or attribute point beyond your current level.
Character tagsYou can add hero/villain character tags.

The cheat commander is a unique way for a mod to embed a cheating assistant in the game. That is why we love it the most. And yes, this is a Divinity original sin 2 definitive edition cheat commander. These are the two credible and working mods that we found.

A few years ago there were Divinity 2 developer’s cut cheats that allowed you to use console commands, but they no longer work.

Now that you know about using mods to cheat in DOS 2, We will include more guides for you that you can follow.

Skills Information Box
  • DOS2 Blood rain

Raining blood or blood rain is a necromancer skill in Dos2. To find Raining blood, go to Orivand’s Chambers in fort joy. But before you enter the chamber, you need to acquire the key from Orivand.

  • DOS2 Sparking Swings

Sparking Swings in DOS2 is a spellbook. To acquire this intelligent based Pyrokinetic skill spell book, you need to combine a spellbook of any Pyrokinetic skill with a warfare skill book. Just make sure both of them are not source skills.

  • DOS2 Teleportation

Teleportation in DOS2 is an Aerotheurge Skill which is only available after you reach level 4. This is a very useful skill that you can use to get out of danger. You can also use this skill to teleport your enemies into the lava to kill them instantly.

  • Divinity 2 venomous aura

Venomous Aura in Divinity 2 is another necromancer skill which can be acquired by combining any Gemomancer and Scoundrel Skill book, but one of them should be source skill. Moreover, you can also obtain it by socketing a source orb into a weapon

  • DOS2 thievery

Thievery is one of the abilities of DOS2, It is a civil ability that enhances your locking picking, and pickpocketing skills in this game. We have also included a detailed thievery/pickpocketing guide in the article for Divinity Original Sin 2, you can scroll up & check it out. But if you are looking for more information on thievery, here is a list of DOS2 Theivery Gear

  1. Racht Muvora (It is a body armor) –  Can be found in Driftwood – papa trash
  2. Gloves Of Acquisition  – Can be found in Drift Wood – Dashing June
  3. Pride of Pryce (It is a dagger) – Can be found in Paradise Down – Gareth’s father’s corpse
  4. Kallisteis (boots) – Can be found in Lava fields – Shadow Prince
  5. Random belt with +1 thieving – It’s a common item to acquire that can be found at Any belt vendor, loot.
  6. Eternal Artefact enchantment
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 muted status & vampiric hunger

When a character status is turned to muted in this game. It prevents them to use any spells and scrolls. Vampiric Hunger in DOS2 is a Hydrosophist Skill and can be acquired by combining any Hydrosophist and Scoundrel skills, but both of them can’t be source skills.

Skill Book Combinations

Now that you have seen our skills information box, you might be thinking if there are any more Skill book combinations that you can use. So, we came up with the list of all skill book combinations for you. However, please note that you should have at least one magic point in both the magic types for it to work.

So here is the list of Fire, Air, and Water, and Earth Element combinations. Remember, you can only combine element skills with magic skills.

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Fire and Air

Combination Effect
Fire + NecromancyIt will cause a corpse explosion.
Fire + PolymorphIt will cause your enemies to bleed fire.
Fire + WarfareYour melee attacks will hit nearby nearby enemies with chain lightening.
Fire + Hunter You will set an explosive traps for enemies that will explode when an enemy is near it.
Fire + Scoundrel Explosives in the enemy inventory explodes e.g. gernades
Fire + SummoningYour Minions will be able to use fireball
Fire 2 + Necromancy 2Corpses will explode in a massive number. It deals more damage to the enemy
Fire 2 + PolymorphYour Enemies Skin will be flaming
Fire 2 + Warfare 2 Massive Chain lightening will hit your enemies
Fire 2 + Hunter 2Traps that explode in massive numbers
Fire 2 + Scoundrel 2 Massively Sabotage your Enemies inventories
Fire 2 + Summoning 2Your minions can use Necrofire Infusion
Air + Necromancy Causes Damage, and suffocating in dos2
Air + PolymorphCures frozen petrifaction status by clearing clouds
Air + WarfareGives immunity to clouds and creates a suffocating effect.
Air + HunterWhen you will attack the enemy they will randomly teleport.
Air + Scoundrel The targeted character will generate a cloud effect.
Air + Summoning Electric Discharge and Electricity Element switch by your minions.
Air 2 + Necromancy 2 It creates a mass vacuum aura
Air 2 + Polymorph 2This will cause Jellyfish Skin
Air 2 + Warfare 2 This will cause Mass Breathing Bubbles
Air 2 + Hunter 2 This will cause an Evasive Aura
Air 2 + Scoundrel 2This will cause Blessed Smoke Cloud
Air 2 + Summoning 2This will cause Cursed Electric Infusion

Water and Earth

Combination Effect
Water + NecromancyThis will generate bloody rain that will cause your enemies to bleed.
Water + PolymorphThis will generate healing tears that will be able to heal your party members.
Water + WarfareThis causes Powerful healing which removes burn, disabled, poison, bleed, and decay effects.
Water + Hunter This frozen floor tiles will provide magic armor.
Water + ScoundrelThis combination provides +50% Life Steal twice
Water + SummoningYour minions will gain the power to regenerate and switch to water element.
Water 2 + Necromancy 2This combination causes Bloody Storm
Water 2 + Polymorph 2This Combination causes Icy Skin
Water 2 + Warfare 2 This Combination causes Mass Wounds cleansing
Water 2 + Hunter 2This combination causes Mass Cryotherapy
Water 2 + Scoundrel 2Thsi combination causes Vampiric Hunger Aura
Water 2 + Summoning 2This combination causes Ice Infusion
Earth + Necromancy This will cause acid and atrophy damage)
Earth + Polymorph It will turn water and blood into oil.
Earth + WarfareWith this combination you can get bonus physical armor by consuming oil.
Earth + HunterThis combination will throw dust at enemies to blind them.
Earth + ScoundrelYour attacks will have poison element for two times.
Earth + SummoningYour minions will be able to use poison dart attack and switch to earth element.
Earth 2 + Necromancy 2This combination causes Corrosive Spray
Earth 2 + Polymorph 2This combination causes Poisonous Skin
Earth 2 + Warfare 2This Combination causes Mass Oily Carapace
Earth 2 + Hunter 2This combination causes Dust Blast
Earth 2 + Scoundrel 2This Combination leads to Venomous Aura
Earth 2 + Summoning 2This Combination leads to Acid Infusion

Are there any Glitches in Divinity Original Sin 2?

Glitches when found, can be a lot of fun, but glitches/exploits usually get patched. For example, there was a gold exploit in Divinity Original Sin 2, that allowed us to get a lot of gold for free. But unfortunately, this Gold exploit was patched recently and is no longer available for use.

The only glitch that you could have used until recently, was the pickpocketing glitch, where you can steal without any consequences. But the glitch has been patched up as well. People consider DOS2 as one of the most optimized glitch-free games out there.

Are there any divinity 2 original sin console commands

You don’t have access to the console in Divinity 2 so there are no console commands that you can type in, but what you can do is use mods and trainers to replace console commands.

Is there a divinity: original sin 2 gold exploit in 2022

As we have mentioned above that there are no exploits in this game. Most of them are fixed by now, so you cannot get infinite gold in Divinity 2 with exploits. However, you can use mods to get infinite gold in Divinity Original Sin 2.

Is there a Divinity Original Sin 2 Gold Cheat Engine?

The above-listed Mods can work as gold cheat engines for this game. However, if you are looking for a specific gold cheat engine. You might find outdated ones that will not work with the latest version of this game.

Can you edit your character appearance after creation?

Usually, you can only use the DOS2 character editor once, but you can edit your character after Act 1. Please note that it is only applicable to your character.

Can you buy Teleportation Skill Book in Divinity Original Sin 2?

Yes after you leave Fort joy you will be able to find teleportation skill book from a variety of merchants.

What to do if your Divinity 2 inventory/bag locks up.

To unlock your divinity 2 inventory, save and load your game again. If it does no work give it some time and try again.

The Bottom Line!

This game is complex and is not easy to understand, but the real fun begins when you start understanding the game. And start playing without cheats and exploits, but in the meantime while you are learning use our guide for reference.

Try using these Divinity Original Sin 2 Cheats to ease your initial gameplay experience. The cheat codes of this game require mods to run. So be careful while using them, because they can break the game once a new patch comes along.

In this guide, you will find popular cheats such as DOS2 money cheats. All of them are not DOS2 console cheats and require a mod to run. Only if cheating was as easy as Sims 3 Cheats that would have been a lot of fun.

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