Dying Light Cheats [Everything You Need to Win]

dying light cheats

Dying light takes you to the dark world of horrible zombies where the fight is for the life. Staying alive long enough is tough even for enthusiasts. But Dying Light cheats can help you play smart and stay long in the battle.

Dying Light Tips for beginner

 Before heading towards Dying Light cheat codes, here we have some tips for you if you are a beginner. 

Dying Light Console Commands

First of all, acquaintance with Dying Light console commands is extremely important as agility matters a lot in Dying Light. The challenges like Dying psycho cut in half require to kill 30 zombies in short time.

Grounds Are Full of Dangers

More zombies are present on ground, and it is really hard to on the ground to survive. So a pro tip for you is to keep on the rooftops.

Safe Houses Keep You Safe

Uncover all the safe houses as early as possible. When a swam of zombies attacks you and you feel dominated, you can easily retreat to safe houses.

Keep Your Axe Sharpen

If your weapons are not in good shape, you can face a trouble during the hard time. Sometimes, the weapon gets broken during an encounter with hordes of zombies, so keep your weapons top-notch when getting out for hunt. 

Now let’s move to our main topic, the cheat codes for Dying Light. 

Plitch for Dying Light Cheats PC

For Dying Light cheats PC, one exciting option is to use trainer software plitch or any other to enjoy a great variety of cheats. This is a legal way but you can only play solos. Not allowed for multiplayers. But in Plitch, you have such popular modes as 

  • Dying Light infinite ammo
  • Dying Light God mode
  • No Reload and much more

If you are more interested in regular Dying Light cheats PC or Dying Light PS4 cheats or Dying Light cheats Xbox One, you should scroll down to next section. It does no comprehensive cheats such as Sims 4 Cheats, but still, we will not let you down.

Here are a few cheat codes for dying light in Plitch that can take your experience to next level.

Cheat Buttons
Infinite money LCTRL+F2
Infinite gas (car) RCTRL+F2
Infinite nitro RCTRL+F3
Godmode (carparts) RSHIFT+F1
Godmode ALT+F1
Infinite stamina (running) ALT+F3
Indestructible weapons LCTRL+ F1
Infinite ammo LCTRL+F5
No reload LCTRL+F6
Infinite gas (flamethrower) RCTRL+F1
Infinite stamina (weapons) ALT+F2
Easy lock-picking LCTRL+F7
Fill survival-experiences HOME+F1
Fill agility-experiences HOME+F2
Fill power-experiences HOME+F3
Infinite equipment LCTRL+F3
Minimum 50 items LCTRL+F4
Infinite grappling hook LSHIFT+F5
Infinite UV-flashlight LSHIFT+F6
Infinite potion duration LSHIFT+F7
Infinite repairs (carparts) RSHIFT+F2
Infinite challenge time LCTRL+F9
Freeze time of day LSHIFT+F1
Infinite Bozak Horde time LCTRL+F10
Time of day: midday LSHIFT+F2
Time of day: midnight LSHIFT+F3

Now let’s begin our Dying Light Cheats Xbox One and Dying Light PS4 Glitches list. With these cheats, glitches and blueprints, dying light becomes fun overloaded.

  • Dying Light Duplication Glitch

If you want to learn in dying light how to duplicate items, read this carefully and apply.

First, you will need a crime partner for duplicating items. You can collaborate with a friend. Bring him as 2nd player into the game and drop the item you need for duplication purposes. The second player should collect the item and opt out of the game. This will save the inventory of the 2nd player. Now re-invite 2nd player and ask him to drop the items and opt out of the game, shutting the console and unplugging it. The item will remain in the 1st player’s inventory. You can repeat this process multiple times to generate multiple copies.

  • Duplication of Weapons 

Among all the dying light PS4 cheats and Dying Light cheats PC, this one is my favorite. For this, you should purchase ‘Melee Through’ skill which can be found in the power menu. Now just throw the most expensive weapon you want to duplicate. Now quickly go to inventory and drop the same weapon that you threw. Now you will see both weapons, one that was thrown and the other that was dropped. You can use this method multiple times to duplicate more and more.

  •  Dying Light Unlimited Money

Although there are other dying light money cheats, but this glitch really works. To get infinite money, you need to duplicate enough Melee Through expensive weapons. When you have enough weapons, you can sell them to get infinite money. So this is the easiest trick for Dying Light Unlimited money.

  •  Dying Light Agility Exploit

You should first get ‘free-running adept’ skill for easy agility XP. Then up the level to ‘Free Running Expert’. Visit the tower and be there till night which will earn a double amount of XP. Ascend the barrels near the building that is to the left of the tower, then ascend the building. Fall backward as soon as you have reached the top. Now you can ascend the building and barrels again. This way you will gain Agility XP up to 120. This glitch can play pivotal role in Dying light jealous runner mission or Dying Light Chasing past reward.

  •  Excalibur sword

This sword is very powerful and can kill zombies in one strike. It can help you in Dying Light psycho cut in half challenges. In the map, head towards the south-eastern zone. Towards the water, lies a huge rock, and if you go towards its back, you will find a zombie with a sword in its chest. Now press the interact button for a while around 2 minutes. You will be able to get the sword. The zombie will perish with fire.

  •  Multiplying Items

From all Dying Light PS4 cheats and Dying Light cheats Xbox One, this one is very easy glitch.  When an item is available with more than 99X, you can use this trick to duplicate it. Now keep the 15X of a particular item in inventory. Open the stash and keep 99X only. Click the ‘move all in one go’. Now you will see it jumps from 15X to 85X in your inventory.

  •  Easy Power XP

When you cross the pit in the main mission, a small floating house will be unlocked. Now this place is where you can enhance power. First, equip a powerful weapon, wait for the night to happen. Hunt the zombies during the night with camouflage. When you kill all zombies, two giant zombies will appear. Killing these zombies will give you a lot of XP power. Now go back to the house, sleep, and repeat the hunt until you have enough power for the next venture.

  •  Hidden Loot Caves

When we talk about secrets in Dying Light, the secret loot cave is on the top. At the northeastern edge of the slums, lies a hidden cave. If you are already at the safe house, continue to move along the river banks and you will find a flipped over the boat. Now head towards the left until you reach a barricade. Now jump into the underground tunnel and keep swimming until you find the cave. 

When you reach the cave a message appears ‘Your destiny is to build your legend’. Now the onslaught of the scary zombies will begin and continue for a few minutes. Having killed them all, you can start the loot. Then the patch will be activated and another message will say ‘better do some quests’. Along the wall, you will find a waterway leading to the open cavern. This contains the treasures. Finally, climb the wall to loot another duffel bag. Your loot is complete.

  •  Gain Skill Points (XP) & Quick Level Up

This Dying Light XP glitch is vital for lasting long in the game. Since the more zombies you kill the better level you can get.  An easy way to get more points and to level up in the start is to kill the zombies in the beginning, get points, and quit the game. Then open the game and again kill those zombies and gain points. Keep on repeating this until you have enough points to level up.

  •  Fast Travel

Very few people know that once you complete the story, the fast travel option is triggered. Now you can go back to all the areas from slums to old town. Using this exploit, you can hunt collectibles really fast. To access the fast travel mode, visit the tower and enter your bedroom. On the wall, you will see a poster that allows traveling to other maps.

  • Dancing Zombies

When you are in ‘A Werewolf’ quest and enter into 2nd hangar. Babar goes ahead and switches on the light. When this happens, zombies in the 2nd hangar start dancing.

  • Easy Survivor Points 

Of all the Dying Light glitches PS4, this one is more powerful. First, you need to open the Bolter grounds. Once unlocked, now move towards the closest safe house. Stay there until it is dark, then get outside and target the Bolter at the head to kill. Then quickly come back to the safe house and get 3000 survivor points.

Now, roam in the surrounding and spitting women zombies will come after you. You save yourself from the women by sheltering in the safe house. Spend the night in the safe house and you will receive 30,000 survivor points.

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  •  Zombies Fight Plants

When you are in the Antenna area, you can climb on it and approach the high zip lines. Now through these lines head to the mountains. Now you need to find a Toxic Lichen plant near the rocks. This will take you to the place where it is zombies vs plant fights.

  • Find 9mm Pistol

9mm pistol is very crucial to the slums quest. You can find 9mm pistol by 2 methods. Either you can find it easily in the cottage in slums. Another method is to pick it from police vans using lock picks. This pistol can help you in missions such as Dying Light chasing past reward and Dying Light jealous runner.

  •  The Sick Bomb Blueprint

To get this bomb, reach the rooftop of the tower. There have interactions with checkers that are present on board. Come down using the lift and then quickly go back. Once again interact on the board with the checkers. If you do it multiple times, you will find the Sick Bomb Blueprint

  •  Korek Machete Blueprint

Last in our dying light cheat codes lists is Korek Machete Blueprint. In the slums, head towards the northern area and stop when you enter the middle safe zone. Now go to the building that is C-shaped backward. You will find a toolbox on the rooftop around the crates. Now kick it until Korek Machete becomes visible. You might have to strike seventy-five times. This is a very powerful weapon, so try to get it ASAP.

  •  Dying Light Military Key Card & Nuclear Codes 

To find the Dying Light nuclear codes, reach the eastern coast of the country area. In the Mechanic side quest, you will find some rocks in the sea near Bilal’s gas. You will see a helicopter crash near the rocks. Reach there and you will see a crate and a military keycard. When you visit ‘Jasir’ in Drought quest, he will provide you a separate card. You will find the Experimental Military Engine Part blueprint. Now find another crate towards the left. Another crate lies inside water in the bottom. Go into the water and open it. Congratulations! You have got the nuclear card

  •  Dying Light Nuke Ending

Among the Dying Light the Following PS4 cheats, this alternate secret nuke ending is very famous. First, head towards the east and reach tiny islands. You will find a crate on. After this crate, jump into the nearby water to seek one more crate. Now get the nuclear codes. Having nuclear codes, now reach the location where the white nuke truck stands, put the keycard, and get ready for the explosion.


So what else are you waiting for? Get these cheats to work and win your games with ease!

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