Greedfall Cheats for AMMO, MONEY & XP in 2022

Ever since Greedfall came out, it has been breaking all records. From Children to teenagers, people have been crazy about this game. With the increasing enthusiasm, there is an increasing demand for Greedfall cheats. Well, there is no need to worry, because we have brought the most useful and innovative Greedfall spells. Starting from the Greedfall Xbox one cheats and proceeding to Greedfall ps4 cheats. This article covers it all. 

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Greedfall Cheats 2022:

Find Your Saved Games

The first one of the Greedfall skills that people are unaware of is that they are unable to find their saved game. After leaving the game, they have to start all over again. So, we have shared our Greedfall secrets to help them.

Use the following link to find your saved games. Make sure to replace the below-mentioned username with the name that you use in the Greedfall pc. It is one of the most valuable Greedfall pc cheats.


If you like playing Greedfall, you will certainly enjoy playing Shadows of War as well. We are here to help you provide the best tips and tricks, check them out here.

Get Additional 1300XP From Admiral

Achieving the Greedfall max level is the dream of all players. But it can only be possible by having additional XP. Well, these Greedfall tips will prove beneficial in this regard.

Once the admiral has completed the Treason, you can get access to 1300XP. Talk to Ruben and their team members. You have to enter the tavern if you wish to end the fight once and for all by killing your enemies. You can find out the delivery location by offering alcohol to the man.

Find that place by using Greedfall maps and keep an eye on the arrival of a suspicious individual. Once he arrives, start following him until he reaches the town. Use your charisma or threaten him. Once you have made your choice, come back to Ruben. He will give you 1300XP and 3 Naut reputation.

Get to The Maximum Level of the Game

One of the biggest achievements on the Greedfall skill tree is to get to the Greedfall max level. Most people are confused about the highest level of the game. You will finish the game after completing level 40. Well, that is what most people think. You have an option whether you want to finish here or keep ongoing.

The game is rather open-world. You can choose whatever path is best for you and choose any Greedfall skills. It depends upon your difficulty level that how competent you are for getting on top of the Greedfall skill tree. The Greedfall max level is 90. you need not complete the quests for achieving it.

Instead, avoid completing the final quest. Try to grind against the enemies of the NPC.

Another plus point is that these enemies will not level up. Instead, it will become easier for you to kill them later. So, once you level up, the Greedfall quests will keep on becoming easier for you.

Demonic Cult or Puzzle Stone in Greedfall

As you pass levels, you will reach a Demoniacal Cult. There are rumors that the cult is living suspiciously among the island’s habitats. Your job is to get to the bottom of the problem. And free the villagers before the cult reaches the village. You have to find a specific villager and follow him until you reach an old tree. 

The tree will give hints to your character in the form of images. Use these clues to light candles. Move the stones and try to understand them. You need to follow an order while lighting candles. If you have a companion, then your task will be easier as he can recall those images.

Otherwise, follow the following order, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Death, Water, and Life.

After completion, a door will open that will lead you into the tunnel to resume your mission.

Access New Weapons Details

Access New weapons In Early Stages

Once you get out of serene and enter the singing waters located on the other side in New Serene. There is a secret campsite located somewhere. Use your Greedfall map to locate this camp side. As you cross the Greedfall walkthrough bridge you will encounter some enemies and beasts. Fight all of them to get a Greedfall loot chance.

You will find a key to Greedfall magic in the camp side. Grap it and run back on the cliff where you originally came from. Save the game and sneak away from the bandits that guard the chest. Use the key to open it. You will get access to Greedfall magic. Use it to kill all the bandits, the Greedfall attributes will cause more damage than any other weapons. 

You can switch weapons on the Greedfall too by pressing the top right button.


Greedfall trainer 

The Greedfall trainer is available online, you can download it from a reliable site and get access to the Greedfall cheat engine and tips and tricks for fighting Greedfall monsters.

Greedfall arena hacks 

The Greedfall arena is the best place to gain experience. Killing the enemies only will get 1000XP at the end. After taking down Nadaig, you will get access to cool Greedfall best gun and two-sided sword.

You will also gain Greedfall exploits like two-sided weapons efficiency. These magic arena hacks will allow you to kill bigger enemies.

Greedfall Max Talent Points Details

How to Earn Greedfall Max Talent Points?

The only way to earn Greedfall max talent points is by fighting enemies. The finishing side and main quests will also give you Greedfall gear hacks for pc.

Using the cheat engine Greedfall you can access unlimited ammo and coins at any level. The Greedfall is bound by a flame cheat engine. After installation, click the PC icon. Later activate your Greedfall cheat engine trainer by setting values and you are good to go.

The cheat engines will allow you to access Greedfall talent points and other Greedfall quests cheat for pc.

Greedfall gameplay cheat

After leaving your city, Serene. Find your caravan for reaching San Matheus. You will only need 10 golds for this. You need not worry about spending money on this Greedfall gameplay cheat as it will benefit you in the future.

If you are wondering how to make money in Greedfall, then kill as many beasts and humans as possible. Another important pro tip for Greedfall cheats pc is that these people are easier to kill. You do not need any expert tricks for knocking them out.

These humans give weapons, ammo, armor, and gold after dying which will help you in increasing your Greedfall max talent points. You can also sleep there for four days as your rivals will come back to life and you can kill them again.

Greedfall ps4 Cheats

We have given a complete list of activities for unlocking new weapons and Greedfall skills in ps4. 

Once you restore balance and reconcile factions, you will achieve a better world.

After completing the game in extreme mode, you will get The trophy passion for extreme.

Pick more than 20 locks and kill 300 humans for getting more Greedfall skills.

Greedfall Ps4 Cheats Details

Do not ignore your companions

One of the major Greedfall cheats is to listen to your companions. Your companions have access to information that will prove beneficial while moving up in the Greedfall skill tree. Therefore, do not forget to take your companions as they can serve to be an asset.

Explore the Greedfall walkthrough

One of the most important Greedfall ps4 cheats is to scout the new arenas and explore them. These areas will give you loot and ammo by opening quests and fighting enemies.

Check out this new VR headset for a better experience while playing at Ps4. 

Tactical Pause

While we are discussing Greedfall tips and tricks, tactical pauses can’t be ignored.

In between your fights, pause the game and choose other skills, spells, actions, potions, and techniques. Among other Greedfall ps4 cheats, this one is beneficial for having a break. You can know your enemy better by choosing this.

Crafting, one of the Greedfall pc cheats

Other beneficial Greedfall secrets include crafting numerous traps, potions, and bombs in the game. Greedfall ps4 cheats also allow you to upgrade your weapons and skills.

While exploring the loot, ensure that you have the necessary Greedfall console commands to craft them.  Your protection against damage will also increase due to these Greedfall console commands. 

Increasing your science level

Access the talent section and work on your science level. This Greedfall Xbox one cheats will enable you to increase your knowledge and use it in innovating various explosives. 

Do Greedfall Cheats Work on Xbox?

Yes, they do. If you wish to insert Greedfall Xbox one cheats, press RB + LB + RT + LT on the controller to access the Greedfall cheats Xbox console. Once you have access enter the Greedfall Xbox cheat that you have. There is no limit to using Greedfall cheats.

How Long to Beat Greedfall?

Well, once you have these cheats and follow all of them, you won’t ask us how long it will take you to beat Greedfall. You can complete all levels within a few days. But if you are desperate, then it takes 40 hours to complete the entire game. Well, our list of cheats will help you in achieving that goal faster. 


We hope these cheats were able to help you level up and beat the odds! From hacks to tips, to actual codes, these cheats should help you climb your way up in no time. In case you are interested in games, check out Sims 4 Fame Points Cheats or GTA 5 PS4 Cheat codes, Tricks & More in 2022!