Little Alchemy Cheats 【Official Hints & 580 Items】

little alchemy cheats

A simple yet creative and profound game!

 Are you stuck somewhere in the game while experimenting? Or you are here to find out more about this amusing game? Well, you have come to the right place then. We have a bunch of Little Alchemy Game Cheats. 

Cheat codes help you to play more effectively. Here you will find the Little Alchemy cheats to help you level up faster. This game is available on IOS, Android, and Chrome. 

Little Alchemy Guide:

Little Alchemy” is a game where players can create up to 580 different items using the 4 basic elements:

  • Water:  Water is shaped like a droplet of white color.
  • Earth: The earth element is like a small piece of land.  The bottom is brown like land and the top is green like grass.
  • Air:  The air element consists of small bars across a square area of blue color.
  • Fire: Fire’s icon is easily recognized. It is a small, red flame.


For forming lava, simply mix Earth and Fire elements.

This article has beginner Little Alchemy Cheats.

Little Alchemy Cheats 2021:


Little Alchemy leads to various subjects but is not meant to focus or teach a specific subject to students. Yet it’s a simple and fun game for kids that boosts their creativity and encourages them to think critically. It’s not purely a science game but can be beneficial for learning. 

Unlike other action and aggressive games, it challenges the imagination of children. It’s a better choice for kids as it doesn’t induce aggression in them. Little Alchemy is a highly addictive and entertaining puzzle game that focuses on perseverance, critical thinking, and creativity.

However, it can annoy them when they get stuck. That’s when they can use Little Alchemy game cheats.

Types of Items That Can Be Created

As the main focus is on Little Alchemy combinations, the items formed are not actual scientific combinations but provoke critical thinking in kids. Initially, the majority of mixtures are materials. But over time you can create metaphorical objects such as love, life, death, and many more.

You can also create creatures like animals, humans, and angels, and food items as well. Most of them are from real life but some are fantasy-based like monsters and dragons. You can keep a record of the items you have created.

How to Play Little Alchemy?

Here is a simple guide on how to make Little Alchemy combinations, if you are new to it:

Drag the elements:

Drag the needed element to the right side by pressing the mouse button. Initially, there are only 4 basic elements.

Mix the Elements:

Drag another element that you wish to combine with the previous one. Simply place it on the first one. They will combine automatically. Some elements cannot be further combined after reaching a certain point.

Check achievements:

Achievements are the list of what you have achieved. It is initially of grey color but when it achieves something, it turns colorful.

How to get hints in Little Alchemy?

If you get confused in the game and you need Little Alchemy game cheats, then you can ask for a hint by clicking on the “Are you stuck? Need a hint?” button in the top right corner of your mixing screen. After clicking this, you will be provided with a cheat sheet. Both the “random element” and “try a hint” buttons will occupy a random element. After the element displays, move down to see the key to mixing it.

There are only 3 hints available at one time. You have to wait for 5 hours to get more hints.

Versions of Little Alchemy

  • Non-pokki Version has 580 little Alchemy Elements and you can use the 580 Little Alchemy Cheats to unlock them.
  • Pokki Desktop Version has 30 Combinations
  • Hidden Gems are 9
  • Total combinations that can be formed are 619


Here are the pros and cons of the game. Cons are the reason you might need Little Alchemy Cheats.

This game is creative and focuses on imagination power Many elements are similar and this game is all about trial and error which ultimately frustrates the player.

 “As mentioned earlier, this game may annoy you, so for that, you may need some Little Alchemy cheats to help you form items faster.” 

How to make everything in Little Alchemy? (Little Alchemy Cheats 1)

There are a total of 580 items formed from 4 elements. Although the combinations are not chemically accurate and most of them are illogical, it provides a chance for children to perform creative experiments. 

When they get stuck at a certain point after trials and errors and don’t know what to combine now, they may use hints for that. Little Alchemy Cheats in order are mentioned to break up any frustrations in the table below.

My Little Alchemy Cheats

Following are a few of the Little Alchemy 550 items along with their ingredients and combinations.

Little Alchemy Cheats A-Z:

Acid Rain

Rain, smoke


Already Available .


Bird, metal

Alarm Clock
Clock, sound


Juice, time

AlgaeWater, plant
BaconPig, fire
BacteriaSwamp, life
BakerHuman, flour
BakeryHouse, baker
BananaFruit, monkey
BatmanBat, human
Cuckooclock, bird
Cyborghuman, robot
Cyclistbicycle, human
Dam wall, river
Flourwheat, stone
Flowerplant, garden
Flutewood, wind
Flying Fishfish, bird
Flying Squirrelsquirrel, bird
Frankensteinzombie, electricity
Galaxystar, star
Gardenplant, plant
Gardenerhuman, garden
Geysersteam, earth
Ghostgraveyard, night
GiftSanta, Christmas tree
Gingerbread househouse, dough
Glacierice, mountain
Gunmetal, bullet
Hailrain, ice
Hammeat, smoke
Hamsterwheel, mouse
Harpangel, music
Helicopterblade, airplane
Heroknight, dragon
Hippohorse, river
Icewater, cold
Icebergsea, ice
Ice cream truckcar, ice cream
Jack-O'-Lanternpumpkin, fire
Jamjuice, sugar
Jedilightsaber, human
Jerkymeat, sun
Keyboard Catcat, music
Kitewind, paper
Knighthuman, armor
Lakewater, pond
Lampmetal, light bulb
Lava Lamplava, lamp
Lawn Mowergrass, tool
Letterpaper, pencil
Lifeswamp, energy
Lightsaberlight, sword
Lovehuman, human
Mac and Cheesecheese, pasta
Mailmanhuman, letter
Marsrust, planet
Meatcow, tool
Medusahuman, snake
Meteormeteoroid, atmosphere
Minotaurhuman, cow
Piggy Bankpig, money / pottery, pig
Pilotairplane, human
Pinocchiowood, life
Piranhafish, blood
Pirate Shipsailboat, pirate / boat, pirate
Planktonwater, life / sea, life
Platypusbeaver, duck
Potteryfire, clay
Printerpaper, computer
Quicksandsand, swamp
Rabbitwild animal, carrot
Rainbowrain, sun / rain, light
Ratwild animal, pirate ship
ReindeerSanta, wild animal
Rocketairplane, space
Roller Coastertrain, mountain / mountain, cart
Seasicknesssickness, sea
Sharkocean, wild animal
Sheepcloud, livestock
Shurikenstar, blade
Ski Gogglesglasses, snow
Skyscraperhouse, sky
Smogsmoke, fog / fog, city
Steam Engineboiler, tool / boiler, wheel
Stethoscopetool, doctor
Storyhuman, campfire
Sundialclock, sun
Super novaexplosion, star
Swim Gogglesglasses, water
Tankcar, armor / car, gun
Teawater, leaf
Telescopeglass, sky
The One Ringvolcano, ring
Timesand, glass
Titanicsteamboat, iceberg
Toastsandwich, fire / bread, fire
UFOrocket, alien / airplane, alien
Unicornrainbow, horse
Vampirehuman, blood / human, vampire
Vegetablefield, fruit
Volcanolava, earth
Wagoncart, horse
Walletleather, money
Warriorsword, human
Water Gunwater, gun
Waterfallmountain, river
Werewolfwolf, human / werewolf, human
Wild Animalforest, life
X-raylight, bone / light, skeleton
Yakcow, mountain
YodaJedi, swamp
Yogurtmilk, bacteria
Zombiecorpse, life
Little Alchemy Cheats 2:

As the game got popular among kids, they decided to launch a sequel to Little Alchemy. It also focuses on the same yet different Little Alchemy combinations. With several exciting additions, Little Alchemy 2 brought much joy. Some of the Little Alchemy Cheats 2 are given below.

Little Alchemy Cheats 2 A-Z:

Alchemisthuman, gold / gold, philosophy

Alcoholtime, juice / wheat, fruit / wheat, juice / fruit, sun
Algaewater, plant / grass, pond / grass, lake / water, grass
Bridgewood, river / metal, river / steel, river / wood, stream / metal, stream / steel, stream
Broomwood, hay
Cable Carcar, mountain / wire, mountain / car, mountain range / wire, mountain range / mountain, rope / rope, mountain range
Cactusplant, sand / sand, tree / plant, desert / tree, desert

9 Hidden Elements in Little Alchemy along with their Cheats

As discussed earlier, there are 580 items in Little Alchemy and the majority of these are mentioned in Little Alchemy Cheat Sheet above. But there are 9 more hidden elements yet to explore. Following are the basic Little Alchemy Cheats to Unlock the 9 gems.

  • astronaut ice cream = ice cream + astronaut
  • doge = dog + internet
  • keyboard cat = cat + music
  • Nessie = story + lake
  • ninja turtle = turtle + ninja
  • the one ring = volcano + ring
  • yeti = mountain + story
  • tardis = time + space
  • the doctor = tardis + doctor

Recycling your Elements

If you want to start again because you’ve made a mistake, you can also recycle your elements. To recycle, see the bottom of the screen on the left side of the toolbar. You will see a recycling icon. Click this to recycle all your elements but be careful. Recycle only when you are completely sure about it.

Invisible goals

As you keep on playing, you will reach a point where you will have invisible goals to unlock certain elements like metal. You can combine these unlocked elements with previously formed ones.

Little Alchemy Official Hints:

Some of the Little Alchemy official hints and tricks are mentioned below:

  • Mixing Things of the Same Kind

Try combining two same items. For instance:

  1. Brick + Brick = Wall
  2. Wall + Wall = House
  3. House + House = Village

Keep exploring new items with similar combinations

  • Mixing Plants Widens Your Choices

To make plants, combine rain with earth. Combine various plants to form gardens, orchards and ponds.

  • Making bricks and Clay to produce more items

Water and earth combine to form bricks which you can ultimately use to form houses and villages as mentioned before.

When mud, sand, and fire are combined, they form clay which can be used to do pottery to create many more items.

  • Tool Tip

When you combine two things, press and hold the mouse button on the item formed. This will give a tooltip that tells the ingredients you used to form the item.

  • Form Two Different Elements by combining the same element

So you can also form various elements by combining the same element twice like the using human, you can make:

  1. Human + Human = Love
  2. Human + Human = Family

For more of these, see the table of Little Alchemy cheats a-z above.

  • Double The Element

Whenever you make something new, double click on it to double it.

  • 5+ Plus Method

Click on the items you have already discovered in the encyclopedia of the elements you haven’t been using. Check how many discoveries these items have. If it is 5+, then drag it to your work area. Drag 2 to 3 items similarly and double them.

After this, drag items from the full library to your workplace and try new combinations. I am sure you will discover new combinations.

  • More Ways to Make the Same Element

There are more ways to make the same element. For instance, to make pressure, there are 2 ways:

  1. Air + Air = Pressure
  2. Earth + Earth = Pressure
  • Some Elements Can’t Be Combined

There are elements that do not combine. Combining them will give you just more of the same element

For example, a combination of fire with the fire itself will result in more fire.

  • Final Elements That Can’t Be Further Combined 

By default, under settings, you can find “Mark Final Elements” checked. They will appear underlined on an experimental place or in your toolkit of Alchemy on the right side of your screen.  Final elements are defined as those which can’t be further combined to make something new.

  • E = mc2 in Little Alchemy

The famous Einstein’s equation E=mc2 which represents energy can be made by combining fire and water.

  • How to Make a Human in Little Alchemy?

 Little Alchemy Cheats Human:

 Earth and Life combine to form humans.

  • How to Make Life in Little Alchemy?

Follow the following steps for Little Alchemy Life:

  1. Swamp + Energy = Life

Using Little Alchemy as a Tool to teach

Teachers can use this game as an effective tool for teaching their students. It enhances their thinking abilities and imagination power. It rarely fails to engage kids with it. Students do not get bored and find it a good tool for relaxing during which they learn too. 

Although it is not completely educational and reality-based, it may help your child to boost his creativity and develop an interest in science and math. When they get frustrated after reaching a certain point, provide them with the Little Alchemy cheat sheet for Little Alchemy hints.


If you have played this game, then you might agree that it is creative and engaging. As Alchemy is a mythological branch of science that attempts to form gold from metal, this game is also not based on science. Trying different combinations help you explore throughout the game. It is fun, especially for kids.

You can form fictional and non-fictional characters. As you keep on playing, you can create abstracts like life, death, love, etc.

Sometimes, this game may frustrate players while combining elements. So for that, you have a bunch of Little Alchemy cheat codes to help you play without getting bored and annoyed. We hope you have fun speeding up the process by using these combinations!

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Here are some frequently asked questions that may clear your doubts.

How to make Ghost in Little Alchemy?

There are 2 ways to do that. Combine night with either castle or graveyard.

Is Little Alchemy Free of cost?

It is completely free. Click on the link below to play it now:

Is Little Alchemy an app on the play store?

Yes, it is an app. You can download it for free from the play store and apple store.

Is Little Alchemy educational for kids?

Yes, it is as it encourages kids to be creative and think critically.

How to make a farmer in Little Alchemy?

Simply combine plants and humans to form a farmer.

What is the purpose of Little Alchemy?

It consists of 4 basic elements i.e. earth, fire, water, and air. You simply combine them creatively to form new elements. Check the Little Alchemy cheats list above.

Is this game good for kids?

Yes, it is a simple game yet addictive. It challenges kids to use their intelligence and creativity skills.

Can we combine 3 things in Little Alchemy?

You simply add 2 elements and then add a third one to the result.

Is there a Little Alchemy 2?

Yes, there is a sequel. . For Little Alchemy cheat codes, check the table of Little Alchemy cheats 2 a-z. Click here to play it. You can also try out codes for newer titles such as Hunter Call of the Wild Cheats [Full List 2021].

How to make a moon in Little Alchemy?

Combine sky and stone to form the moon in Little Alchemy.

Is Little Alchemy a Science game?

No, this game is not based on real science and most of the combinations of elements are illogical. But it will develop student’s interest in science and math.

How to make Gold in Little Alchemy?

Gold is the major goal of alchemy and is not possible in reality, but is easy to make in this game. To make gold, combine Sun and metal.

How to make oxygen in Little Alchemy?

As in the real world, plants make oxygen with the use of sunlight, similarly, in this game, you just combine plants and the sun to make oxygen.

How to make everything in Little Alchemy?

As mentioned above, the cheats to make various items are given in the table of Little Alchemy Cheats a-z. Now, are all Little Alchemy cheats unblocked.