Oculus Quest 2 vs HP Reverb G2 [Which is Better?](2022)

Oculus Quest V2 vs Hp Reverb G2

You will agree with me when I say that:

  Buying a virtual reality VR headset can be a daunting task at times, especially if you have to choose between two.  

The same might happen when making a comparison of oculus quest 2 vs hp reverb G2 specs. Before we dive into hp reverb G2 vs oculus quest 2 specs, one thing you must know is that both of the VR headsets are top of the line in their league.

Hp Reverb G2 vs Oculus Quest 2 Comparison

ProductOculus Quest V2HP Reverb G2
Weight503 grams550 grams
Field of View100114
Operating system Oculus Quest system software, based on Android source code. (Android 10)Stand Alone Computer, Playstation 4
Refresh Rate120 Hz90 Hz
Adjustable Lenses
Gesture Control
Resolution3664 x 1920px2160 x 2160px

Oculus Quest V2 Review:

The oculus quest 2 is one of the most advanced all-in-one VR sets to date. Every minor detail has been taken care of during the manufacturing process and everything is manufactured in a way to ensure the fact virtual worlds adapt to your movements The model was originally launched back on Sept 16, 2020, during facebook connect 7.

In addition to this, the oculus quest 2 can run as a standalone headset. It utilizes an Android-based operating system. It also requires a desktop computer with oculus compatible VR software. The headset is an upgraded model of its predecessor with minor changes. It’s lighter in weight and has up-to-date internal specs. In addition, its display also has a very high refreshing rate.



When it comes to its outward appearance, its design is very .uch similar to its predecessor. However, the exterior which was previously used to be covered in black cloth is now replaced by a black face pad with white-colored plastic. The latest model is also very light in weight. Its current model weighs around 503 grams while its previous model used to weigh around 571 grams

The headset also features Snapdragon Qualcomm XR2 SoC, designed primarily for VR and other augmented reality devices. It also features 6 GB ram, in contrast with its predecessor, which only had 4 The oculus quest also features an LCD panel with a singular fast switch. Its screen has a resolution of 1832×1920 and can run at a speed of 120 Hz. The headset also features IPD adjustment, allowing it to adjust at 58mm, 63mm, and 68 mm

It can be adjusted physically by moving each lens simultaneously. In addition to this, the headset also features three-dimensional cinematic sound. It allows you to hear in every direction given the fact that it features built-in speakers, that promises cinematic 3D positional audio.

The headset features next-level hardware unlike any other of its league. It features a fast processor, allowing you to navigate galaxies and explore enchanted realms. The users have the comfort and clarity to uncover every detail, thanks to its processor What makes it even more loveable is the fact that the headset is very easy to set up. I guess it’s very much safe to say that the headset is ready when you are. You’ll only need to signup on to the Oculus smartphone app. Once you do it, you’ll find yourself exploring the digital world with nothing but controllers and a headset.


Quite similar to its previous model, it also runs an Android OS. The software gets regular updates time and again in a bid to keep it up-to-date. In recent developments, the device is expected to have a fitness tracker app very soon

The device contains XR2 chips, which generate advance level graphics. The XR2 chip makes the system capable enough to run high-end apps. It also enhances its tracking skills and room awareness.

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Better Refresh Rate:

The headset offers a much better refresh rate, up to 90Hz. Quest 2 can even clock 120 Hz for some apps.


In order to use oculus quest 2, you’ll be required to log in with your Facebook account. Irrespective of whether you were previously an oculus user or not, you’ll need to have a Facebook account to comply with the latest Facebook policies.

Battery Life & Refresh Rate:

Even though the controllers have been revamped, they still have the same triggers, analog sticks, and buttons. That said, the controller’s post revamping are bigger, sturdier, and have a relatively large area with thumb rest

Instead of being rechargeable, the controllers now use AA batteries.
It also features a strong battery cover, which does not slide off randomly, as it did on previous models.

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HP Reverb G2 Review:

Originally launched in 2020, G2 is a much-anticipated device given the recent launch of oculus quest V2. Below is a detailed Hp reverb G2 review.

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Screen Resolution:

One of the main selling points for Hp reverb G2 is its super ultra-resolution screen. The headset features a whopping 2160 p resolution and can easily tackle the screen door effect, which most of its competitors are unable to do so till date. There’s also one downside attached to its high-resolution screen as well. The headset has a resolution of 4K, which means you will be required to have a PC that is capable of running VR games at a 4k resolution
Also, it uses visible light tracking. This means that lights in your surroundings will most likely affect your experience. The headset works best when the lightning is right


When it comes to hp reverb G2, base stations are missing. This means that landing steady sniper shots is piece of cake even when prone, as long as the controllers are not held too close to the face The only downside attached to the lack of base stations is that tracking volume is a little limited than its counterparts. It works fine horizontally but it loses track if your hands are stationary

However, motion gyro censors will save your day which is inbuilt into the controllers. The motion gyro censors successfully predict movement well ahead of the tracking zone. However, that’s also only possible in a fluid motion. You will find yourself lagging in games like boxing and other games, as they require putting your hands very close to your face. This way, the controllers lose track

Field of View:

When it comes to hp reverb G2 review, one expects the field of view to be great. However, you might get disappointed by it as it does not justify the price bracket it falls within. For instance, if the enemies are approaching you from an afar angle of 120 degrees, there is no way you can tackle them easily.

That being said, the G2 does compensate in this regard. It allows you to adjust the headset IPD, which 8s the distance between each lens. Having adjustable IPDs does make a difference given the fact it adds to the player’s comfort. The IPD range lies around 60mm-68mm, a physical slider is also placed on the underside of the headset for quick adjustments. Physical adjustment of IPD does play a major role in enhancing user experience, which most manufacturers conveniently ignore.


Today that G2 is a big step up when compared to G1 would not be an overstatement. The device’s recent model uses a singular cable, in contrast to G1 using two adjacent cables. The only downside attached to contemporary cables is that their material has a jelly-like surface, which catches a lot on different surfaces. Other than that, the length is also considerably long and satisfactory.


When it comes to the Appearance and feel of the hp reverb G2, you must know that it is a snug fit. Also, you might feel a considerable amount of pressure on your cheeks even though it is not the heaviest headset around. This interferes with your sinuses which might cause strange sensations when you are done playing with them.

Also, you .ay find the curvature on the face gasket too extreme. What’s relieving is the fact that it is possible to detach it magnetically.


The headset features BMR-powered off-year headphones, which not only have a brilliant sound quality but also help a lot in keeping you cool by making sure there’s nothing pressed up against the side of your face.

You can find prices for the HP Reverb G2 here.

Oculus Quest 2 vs Hp Reverb G2 Comparison:

Hp reverb 2 comparisons with oculus quest v2 are not that simple. The G2 without any doubt is a good headset, but it requires WMR and has pretty bad controller tracking when compared to V2. In addition to this, the camera placement of quest 2 is also of very higher standards, coupled with better controls

That said, there are a few downsides attached to Quest 2 as well. The one which tops the list is Quest 2 requires mandatory facebook connectivity. Also, it has a really bad strap with fixed IPD adjustment instead of continuous, which is a big turn-off in itself..

Final Words

As stated above, the comparison between V2 and G2 is not that simple and easy. Each of the headsets has its fair share of pros and cons. At the end of the day, it all narrows down to the choice of the users, as to which one to choose.

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