Oculus Quest 64GB VS 128GB【Tested & Reviewed】

Oculus Quest 64GB VS 128GB

I hope you can agree with me when I say

 Storage is one of the key aspects of gaming. Downloading games is a part of your gaming experience, playing new games, and in order to get those games, you should have a storage that is good enough to suit your needs. As the storage, heavily impacts your console’s speed and price of how much you pay for the VR set in the first place.

So if you are buying the Oculus Quest, keeping in mind what storage you want is highly important. So let us go over this guide, which will help you decide what storage you should opt for in the game; 64gb or 128gb?

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How much space do you need for an Oculus Rift?

With a virtual reality gaming console like the Oculus on the rise, it is definitely expensive. But is it worth it and the price, let us find out that as well?

The Oculus Quest 64 GB has been declared to be $399, meanwhile, the 128GB is $499. That’s a whopping $100 extra for double the storage. Here lies the balance of whether or not you think this double amount is worth the double storage.

Now obviously, having more space means you have more games to download and install. Of course, a 128GB Oculus Quest would be a dream, but 64GB for the average person should be enough. Especially keeping in mind how quickly they are selling out. So getting your hands on either one would be pure luck, however, we suggest the 64GB. As normally, games are around 0.1-3GB in space. Read more in the article below to find out what games take up the most space.

Difference between Oculus Quest and Rift?

To determine which is better, one should take into account some of the following aspects. Processors, storage, guides, is it worth it, expandable storage option, headset fits, and room sensors.

The biggest advantage which Quest has is, the fact that it is 100% wireless. It gives you a cable-free experience. So you can simply connect it and go on playing, without having to worry about wire controls or restrictions. As a result of this upgrade, you also don’t require a computer at all! Making the entire gaming experience not only fun but also inexpensive.

When it comes to the VR experience, the Oculus Rift and Quest both go almost close to one another. But with Oculus Quest on the rise, its display resolution is also the best! It has a snapdragon processor that can host powerful and heavy games that would usually lag or pause. It is graphically, easily the most competitive and unbeatable VR set in the market, in our professional opinion. But you need the best laptop for oculus rift for it to work smoothly.

On the other hand, Oculus Rift is user-friendly and easy to handle. Simply plug in one wire to your computer port and you’re done! No need to worry about external sensors or connectivity problems. The biggest benefit that the Rift has against Quest is its store. As it’s a PC-based store, Oculus has made available hundreds of games and apps to try out. And if you think that wasn’t enough, you could even try out Steam VR for an even wider range of games to enjoy!

In the end, it all comes down to what you prefer, if you prefer wireless games with a concise amount of games but all in the highest quality of resolution, then Oculus Quest is for you. But if you want a VR experience with hundreds of games to play and no worries of sensors, then Oculus Rift is your best friend. Whether it’s the Rift, Go or Quest, either way, Oculus produces one of the most game-changing VR headsets.

Oculus Quest expandable storage

When getting yourself the Oculus, be it 64Gb or 128 GB, to find out its worth, let us go over a little review or guide on whether or not it has expandable storage?

The 64GB Quest may support all kinds of games available on Oculus Quest Steam and has enough storage of its own. But if you are a hardcore gamer, and want a lot of games then this isn’t for you. The option for expandable memory and storage is not available in the 64GB console.

So getting yourself the 128 Gb from amazon would be a better option. It surely is more space than the 64GB, but this 128Gb Oculus Quest too does not have expandable storage or microSD slot for it. Though, it does have almost double the space.

Where are Oculus games stored?

Once we have storage cleared, you must probably wonder where are these games stored anyway? Oculus 64Gb vs 128Gb, both entities have the same location of storage. It being:

  • Go to Locate on your computer
  • From here, click Library and Location folders from the search or file explorer and simply search it.

Or if you cannot find it, do so:

  • This could be due to a result of the default download. For this, go to your old Library folder that is: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software


What game takes up the most space?

While most games tend to be 0.1Gb to mostly 2Gb, here are a few of the most popular games and their spaces. All taken from Reddit, to help you decide, should you buy an Oculus Quest?

  • Robo Recall: Unplugged – 3.47GB
  • Dance Central – 2.78GB
  • Arizona Sunshine – 1.32Gb
  • Bigscreen – 1.09GB
  • Creed: Rise To Glory – 995.4MB
  • I Expect You To Die – 897.8GB
  • Beat Saber – 571.4MB (Minus the custom songs you may add. 300MB=100 songs)
  • VR Chat – 304MB
  • Tilt Brush – 292.9MB

What is the Oculus Rift Room size?

Oculus officially suggests that people use a 5ft x 5ft room for a two-set up of sensors. However, if it is a 3-sensor setup, that would require a room of 8ft x 8ft. Making it 2.5 meters ( Resulting in an increase of 1 meter, per increase of sensors)

How to install Oculus games on another drive?

This option is called the transfer of games to another library or drive. For this, you should follow the following instructions:

  1. Fire up the Oculus application on your laptop/desktop
  2. Go to setting on the left side menu and select the tab called, General
  3. From here, you go to Library Location and select the option next to it named Edit
  4. In this, you must Add Location and then choose the file you want to add

How to install Oculus games on another drive?

  1.  Start the Oculus application on your laptop/desktop. Go to the Library from the Menu.
  2. Here, you should select the 3 dots, present at the right bottom corner of the application you want to move
  3. Click the option of Move from the menu and then pick the desired location you want to move the files to
  4. Select move to now transfer these files from their location.

Can you upgrade the memory on Oculus Quest?

The Oculus Quest as a VR offers a large amount of storage from 64Gb to 128Gb. So if you are wondering how much space do you need for VR, then don’t worry because the Quest offers it.

While the 64Gb works for almost everyone, as the majority of the games, vary under 1Gb to maximum 2Gb. However, if you are someone who wants even more storage, you can opt for the 128Gb Oculus quest. But when it comes to attaching or upgrading the memory of the console, that is not possible.

You would have to buy a whole new console for the additional memory, as no the Quest does not offer an upgrade on memory. But If you are looking for more storage space you can also opt for Oculus Quest 2 which is featured in our Best VR for Beat Saber Guide

Oculus Quest 64GB vs 128GB

On the foundation, both Oculus Quest 64 GB vs 128 GB have pretty much the same features. The two and only differences that pop up while making your decision should be the storage and the factor of price that comes in hand.

As discussed, on a normal account, the 64GB should be enough for the regular gamer. But if you want to download a plethora of games and want even more space, then 128 GB should be your choice. The second aspect that comes along is, price. As you get yourself an Oculus Quest VR that is bigger in storage, its price will naturally increase as well.

This $100 increase from the 64GB to 128 GB should be your tiebreaker on choosing which one is more worth it to you. Keeping in mind that if you see that there is a value worth spending on for double the storage, then you should surely pay those $499.

As rest of the features are totally alike. Both Oculus Quests have the snapdragon 835 chip, the same four cameras, eight Kyro CPUs, 4Gb main memory capacity, integrated speakers, Wifi, and Bluetooth along with a USB type C cable port. Making your entire decision come down to price and storage.

1. Oculus Quest 64 GB

What we loved:

  • Ample storage
  • Insight tracker system
  • Usable on phones, gaming equipment, and more!

You can get the Oculus Quest 64 GB on Amazon

2. Oculus Quest 128 GB

What we loved:

  • A modern external sensor system
  • Wire-free
  • Ample gaming space




Well now that you have got all the information that you need to get yourself the cool new Oculus Quest, what are you waiting for? Whether it is a 64 or 128 GB, buy yourself your very own VR set to take your gaming experience to the next and new level from amazon now!. Because we aren’t so sure about you, but we love it and think it is worth it.

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