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shadow of war cheats

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Playing games in legit ways is not as exciting as playing them with cheat codes. 

The same way Shadow of War cheats enable us to enjoy the game. Game cheats for pc and box one are readily available on sites like Reddit and add to the excitement as double the cheats, double the fun. We take you through fun stuff like enabling god mode, Game cheat engine skill points, and provides tips like Shadow of Mordor hacks!

Shadow of war is a highly engaging action game with a theme of Battle for Middle-earth developed by Monolith Productions, produced by Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment. This game is produced as a sequel to Middle-earth, Shadow of Mordor, which was released in 2014.

This much-anticipated sequel was released on Oct 10, 2017, worldwide, to play and apply shadow of war cheats on PC, Xbox one, Reddit, and PS4. 94% of Google users liked this sequel of Shadow of Mordor.

Shadow of War Cheats 2022:

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The Shadow of War Map

The shadow of war map is about the continent of Middle-earth in which Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of war games have been made. Middle-earth is the one livable part of Arda that has experienced many changes geographically during the ages of first and second created by Eru lluvatar.

This article will thoroughly highlight the Shadow of War storyline, gameplay, Shadow of war ps4 cheats, its stages, about Shadow of War 1.18 & Shadow of War blood brothers, Shadow of War Secret Ending, achievements, tips, and tricks like enabling god mode in detail as every gamer’s target is to reach a higher level.

Storyline to Get Shadow of War:

The story leads from where it was left in Shadow of Mordor by two characters named Talion and Celebrimbor as they found a new magical ring and wanted to take back Middle-earth from Sauron’s Army.

The aim is to import the story at the top based on the quality where Lord of Rings. Its main place of interest is Middle-earth. The player will be able to inspect a broad and interchanging world that is surrounded by various environments.

Its development not only remains confined to the map, but it has also added humans and elves along with it.

Gameplay and the Nemesis System:

In this sequel of Shadow of Mordor, unlockables, more upgrades, abilities, moves, and features have been made, like the skill tree. In order to modify your abilities like your playstyle, abilities can now be unravelling with sub-skills.

Modes of Difficulty can also be executed in this game thus if you feel you are being conquered many times, then you can down your difficulty level. Players will also be more capable of ruling over more beasts like massive Goliath-like siege beasts and fire breathing drakes than earlier

The Nemesis System has also been updated with “Followers” which will be able to make the game an incredible journey.

How many stages in the shadow war:

To answer you query for how many stages in the shadow war we have to come through, we have mentioned down. It comprises of 10 stages which are listed below:

  1. Cirith Ungol
  2. Núrnen
  3. Seregost
  4. Gorgoroth
  5. Cirith Ungol and Núrnen
  6. Seregost and Gorgoroth
  7. Núrnen and Seregost
  8. Núrnen, Cirith Ungol, and Gorgoroth
  9. Cirith Ungol, Seregost, and Gorgoroth
  10. All four.

Shadow of War 1.18:

The updated version of game, Shadow of War 1.18 has been released on July 17th, 2018. It involves:

  • The market has been removed by replacing an updated Garrison menu that permits your entry to Chests, Training Orders, and Boosts.
  • The spoils of war Rewards and Community Challenge Reward Chests now not anymore accommodate the Orcs; instead, they directly target the training orders, which can be bought straight with the Mirian.
  • With the help of market replacement, each Gold currency without being invested in anything has been changed into gold loot chests. This game also has gold cheats which can be enabled using shadow of war cheat engine for unlimited gold.
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Shadow of War Cheats for Blood Brother:

In Shadow of War cheats for blood brothers mean that the best bros are the orcs. If you murder any orc who has a blood brother then, there is a saying that his blood brother, in order to take revenge, will attack you similarly.

If you kill blood brother and enlist Orc in the armed force, then he has a fair chance to double-cross you. It is all that you have for cheats for blood brother.

Middle-earth Shadow of War PS4 Cheats:

Ever heard of the shadow of war money glitch?

Well, this money glitch was a very interesting phenomenon that occurred a while back when users discovered the shadow of war Mirian cheats or gold cheat. The Mirian cheat allowing users to gain an unlimited supply of gold or Mirian in the game. However, you would require a cheat engine for that.

Other Middle-earth shadow of war ps4 cheats are as follows:

Easy Fight Pit Wins:

Use it when your Orc is going to lose at a fighting pit, then quit the game and try again till he wins.

Shadow of War Secret Ending:

To come towards the secret ending, firstly, you have to finish Act 4 of Shadow Wars:

  • Complete each and every siege with upgraded Orc armies.

  • Guard all your fortresses to reach Stage 10
  • The secret Ending scene will come to play.

So follow these shadow of war hacks to get to the shadow of war secret ending.

Shadow of War Achievements:

Middle of Earth: Shadow of War has 53 achievements which are described below in the shadow of war cheat table:

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  1. Follower Perks:            To provide a follower a gang, operate a training order.
  2. Purge:                            Filter all the Haedir
  3. Life of the Party:           Direct the wrecker to a Vendetta Mission
  4. Power Couple:              Address a follower to back another follower on a Nemesis                                                    Mission
  5. No Orc Left Behind:     Save a follower who’s been apprehended.
  6. Blood on Blood:           Create a Captain in order to kill his blood brother
  7. Vandal:                          Demolish a monument
  8. I Like to Watch:             Observe a murder of a follower of another Captain without assisting                                          him
  9. It Came From Within:    Begin a Conquest with all war chiefs as a secret agent
  10. Hostile Takeover:          Beat the Warchief
  11. Trolling:                          Murder a Captain during riding on Olog
  12. Overkill:                          Direct a follower to murder another follower during a pit fight
  13. Rule of Three:                Unseal 3 gems position
  14. Wild Things:                   Murder a drake while riding a graug
  15. Dismantled:                    Impair an Outpost
  16. Speak Friend and Enter: Unlock one of the lthildin Doors
  17. Master Forger:                Make a top tier Gem
  18. Vertical Mobility:            Assist a grunt in becoming an Overlord
  19. Brought to Heel:             Beat Helm Hammerhand
  20. The Operative:               Turn all of a bodyguard of Warchiefs into Spies, then challenge                                           him.
  21. Banished:                        Beat Suladan
  22. Promise Keeper:            Originate a Death threat, then victoriously murder the target
  23. For Gondor:                    Complete all Gondor quests.
  24. Lord of Horror:                Defeat the Balrog.
  25. Peace in Death:               Complete the Shadow Wars
  26. Undeath Defeats Undeath: Complete all Carnán quests.
  27. What Once Was Lost:    Complete Act I.
  28. Stalemate is Victory:      Defeat the Witch-king and reclaim Minas Morgul.
  29. Fall and Rise:                  Complete all Brûz quests.
  30. First Steps:                      Defeat the Fortress of Núrnen.
  31. No Orc Lives Forever:    Win all Fight Pit missions.
  32. Everything is Permitted: Insult an Assassin until he becomes insane.
  33. The Web Revealed:         Unleash the final Shelob memory to reveal the Web of Fate.
  34. Banish the Darkness:     Complete all Eltariel quests.
  35. Second Age Warrior:      Complete each Shadow of the Past missions in one region.
  36. Finished Tales:                Recover all Gondorian artifacts.
  37. If You Can’t Beat Them:  Lead an Orc after he’s killed you three or more times.
  38. Wild Things:                    Kill a drake while riding a graug.
  39. The Stuff of Legend:       Provide a complete Legendary Gear set.
  40. Rough Rider:                   Ride each type of beast and rare beast.
  41. Nemesis:                          Without Killing, Encounter the same Orc 3 times in the nemesis                            mission.
  42. Headhunter:                     Recruit a Follower of each Advanced Class.
  43. Feed the Beasts:             Attract every kind of beast by utilizing bait.
  44. Fit for War:                       Fulfill a challenge to upgrade a piece of gear.
  45. Avenged:                         Complete a Vendetta Mission.
  46. Best Defense:                 Equip 3 Siege Upgrades on an Assault Team.
  47. Better Luck Next Time:  Encounter an Enemy or a Follower who has cheated death.
  48. Such Great Heights:      Reach the rank of Captain in Online Conquest.
  49. Forger:                            Make a higher-quality Gem by assembling three Gems of the same                               quality.
  50. Bad Boss:                      Knock a Follower until he’s had enough.
  51. Bound by Blood:           Execute an Online Vendetta.
  52. Death is not the End:    Recover a Follower Captain.
  53. Second Age Warrior:     Finish all Shadow of the previous missions in one territory.

 Shadow of War Vertical Mobility:

Shadow of War vertical mobility is the achievement that can be unlocked by applying shadow of war cheats. To unlock the Shadow of war Vertical mobility achievement, you’ll need to follow these steps to implement these shadow of war cheats for Xbox one and pc:

  1. Take charge of one region by leaving one space for Army
  2. Die yourself by a random enemy.
  3. Dominate on that Enemy by killing him and make him your follower.
  4. Promote this new follower in place of Overlord.

    shadow of war pc

Middle-earth: Shadow of war Overlords:

It represents the first class of enemies present in Shadow of War which holds the charge of massive fortresses through their powers, present in each of the regions of Shadow of War on the inside and situated insides of Mordor.

Shadow of War Overlord Tips:

To defeat Overlord in his throne room, one must keep in mind these tips like the cheats:

Avoid strengths and take advantage of the weaknesses:

Stepping into the chamber with the awareness of what thing works and what thing does not work can make your day victorious.

If your goal of the target is Arrow proof, then don’t waste arrows on that target. Instead, utilize Ologs and other Grunts to narrow the ranks, and still, if he feels puzzled and spooked from a wild creature like Caragor, then make use of Summons Caragor skill in persuading him to lower his defense

shadow of war Xbox


Tips to Play Smartly Shadow of War:

  • Grasp the layout of the caves:

                           If you remain over an icon under the large cave, the map lights up the network of the whole cave, provides you better entry points to go to your desired place.

  • Diverge your attacks:

                          Fluctuate your combat moves is also a delightful thing than retaining a similar trick in the entire game.

  • Move quick for your life:

                         Escaping from the action is a crucial strategy for the execution as it enables you to come later in the game and rival become stronger and significant in numbers. Rivals such as Green-icon rats and warms are notably valuable sources for health to utilize before rivals caught you.

  • Transform your Elements:

                        It’s a good opinion to do a practice to upgrade diverse skills by various effects. By this,   you can take an edge on your Enemy’s weaknesses despite knowing who you meet.

  • Maintain the inventory clean:

The great news is that now you can clean your old weapons, which you are not using, by smashing them down and receive the in-game currency.

  • Take the lead with the help of Gem System:

                         Once you get Mirian, it is needed to instantly unlock all six gem positions on the inventory screen. After unlocking positions, make sure that they are put at the correct positions.

These gems will do anything from the point of amplifying damage to the point of grossing additional money and involvement; therefore, they are amazingly beneficial that lifts up your growth and gives more energy to Talion in making him stronger.

  • Modify your User Interface:

                           In case if you find out that your user interface annoys you, there is an option that you can switch different elements.

  • Play in your own way:

                          The tip that will help you throughout the game is to play in your own way. Access the Nemesis System in the way that fits you, Invade the fortress as the way you like to attack them, and finish different missions based on the story. This game is extraordinarily resilient to your mode of playing.

  • Roam:

                       This game honors the players who hover from one camp to another camp, choosing fights in every place by pleasing them with additional abilities, strengths, and soldiers. Try to include it in the scenery. Take a drake on the ride and enjoy.

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Is Shadow of War XP Useful?

With all this rave about cheats and codes, users have been interested in the Shadow of War cheat engine skill points or XP, exploit points. Bulking up on XP’s is done, traditionally, by completing quests but these days, like cheat engine for health, XP glitch for money is quite famous as well.

With the many advantages of collecting XPS, it is wise to build an XP farm. For more details, check out this guide!


By using Middle-earth Shadow of war cheats, tips, and tricks of the game, it becomes easy to complete levels. It also gives an ample amount of achievements, broad range of weapons during the game. It keeps your interest even after you finish the story. This Middle-earth: Shadow of War hacks for the action-adventure game will engage players throughout with its missions. The Talion and elf wraith Celebrimbor takes on a remarkable journey.

The shadow of war cheats boosts the fun of playing the game. The storyline, gameplay, secret ending, blood brother, stages, achievements, cheats, and tips have been well described in this article that will help you improve your game to apply the cheat for pc or shadow of the war Xbox one.

It’s worth playing the game with these cheat codes!