Sims 3 Cheats 2022【PC/Xbox/Ps3】


If you know the right codes in sims 3, then you can do plenty of things such as age up sims, make people happy, give your sim a promotion, and much more. You can apply these on your sim 3 MacBook cheats.

In this article, we’ll talk about all the sim 3 cheat codes. So, let’s get started!

How to Enable Cheats on Sims 3?

Now the important question is how to activate cheats in sims 3? Well, to enable cheats on sims 3 and to activate the command console, all you have to do is press CTRL + Shift + C. Once you press all these keys together, you’ll see a box on the top left of the screen; you’ll enter the cheats in the box and hit enter to activate the PC cheat.

Sims 3 Testing Cheats

As mentioned above, you should type sims 3 testingcheatenabled true in the command console to activate the sims 3 testing cheats. When you type the cheat, it will allow you to press Shift + click on different objects and locations. Once you click on the object or location, special commands will pop up. Here’s the list of the testing cheats and with their functions:

Sims 3 Cheats:


List of Cheats:

Testingcheatsenabled (true or false)It will enable all the testing cheats. A list of testing cheats is given below.
Restsim firstname lastnameIt fixes the sim who’s not moving.
Rosebud or kachingThe sims 3 PC cheat gives $1K simoleons to the household. It’s a household funds cheats sim 3.
Hideheadlineeffects onIf you want to take the screenshot, the cheat will disable the speech bubbles.
Familyfunds lastname amountThe Sims 3 PC cheat is the sims 3 family fund cheat. It delivers a specific amount of money to the household with last name.
Moveobject on & offIt is a sims 3 move object cheat. The code helps in moving objects anywhere you want.
JokepleaseThe code delivers a random joke
ageuptoNPConThe code ages up a sim into NPC who’s living in your household even works on children.

Ground Testing Cheats

There are two different things that you can do with the ground when testing cheats are enabled.


The sims 3 teleport cheat will allow your sims to commute quickly from one place to another. When testing cheat is enabled, all have to do is click an open ground patch, and your sim can teleport in a blink of an eye from one location to another. It is a perfect sims 3-time cheat that will help you save time.

“Build/Buy on This Lot” – Sims 3 Building Cheat

Build/buy on this lot is a ground testing cheat code, and with the help of this building cheat, you can buy and build outside your household. The cheat code works when you shift + click on the ground that you do not own. Remember that the cheat uses your household funds to build and buy because you’re building or making changes for your visit.

Sims 3 Mailbox Cheat

There are different sims 3 mailbox testing cheats that you can activate by Shift-clicking the mailbox. Once you shift-click the mailbox, you’ll see a cheat menu with advanced cheats, which are mentioned below. (Return to Cheats list)

Make all Happy”

Make all happy is a sims 3 mood cheat, and it will make everyone in the household happy by filling all their needs. Remember that these sims three cheat doesn’t work on guests and the sims affected by the ageuptonpc cheat.

“Make me Know Everyone.”

If you want to make friends quickly in the game, then you can this magic cheat, “make me know everyone.” The cheat will allow your sims to know all the sims in your town but remember that the cheat has to add all the town sims in your known sims list, so the cheat can take some time in processing.

“Make Needs” – Static or Dynamic

It is a great cheat that fills up the needs of your sims by locking the needs. When you make it static, the needs bar will fill up and won’t decrease. You can disable the cheat by making the dynamic needs mode.

Career Cheat

The sims 3 career cheats allow you to change your sims’ career and give him or her a promotion. You can visit the career guide for more information on the perks your sims will get when climbing up the career ladder.

Force Visitor

Type Command:

  • Forcevisitor – the cheat forces neighbors to show up.

If you want your neighbors to show up at your house, all you have to do is use this testing cheat. The cheat will force your neighbors to show up at your house.

Workplace Cheats

There are different workplace cheats that you can use by shift-clicking on your workplace. You can force events, force all events, and force career opportunities. You can cheat and change your career with these cheats but remember that spawns are limited by professional level. You can also trigger an event when your sims are at work.(Return to Cheats list)

The Sims Testing Cheats

The sims testing cheat in enable cheats to modify your sims; all you have to do is shift-click on your sims. You’ll see a menu to modify your sims.(Return to Cheats list)

Modify Traits for an Active Sims

If you want to experiment with your sims, you can use “modify traits for an active sim” and a list of traits will appear. You can clear all the traits and modify sims traits as per your liking.

Age Cheat

Type Command:

  • Ageuptonpc – The code ages the sims.

When you shift-click on a sim, you can access age cheat; the cheat will age the sims to the next cycle. The pattern or cycle followed by the sims 3 is baby, toddler, child, teen, young, adult, and elder; once you select the cycle, you can’t go back. You can completely disable the age with ageuptonpc cheat.

Add to Active Household/Family

Type Command:

  • Add to active household/family – adds a sim into your family.

Suppose you want to avoid editing families and want to add to your family. In that case, you can use the “add to active household/family” cheat to add to your family. All you have to do is click on a sim that is not a part of your family and apply this cheat; it will give you control of the sim and join them in your household.

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Unlimited Money Sims 3

Kaching gives you +1K simoleons
Rosebudgives you +1K simoleons
Motherlode give you +50K simoleons
FamilyFunds Lastname amountDelivers a specific amount to the family.

There are different sims 3 money cheats that you can use to increase your funds. If you use “kaching,” it will give you +1K simoleons; if you use “rosebud,” it will again give you +1K simoleons. These are perfect simoleons cheats, but if you use motherload cheats, you’ll get +50K simoleons.

If you don’t want to use motherload cheat, again and again, you can enter family funds cheat, which will give you 9999999 simoleons. These cheats are the best money cheats for sims 3; you don’t have to worry about simoleons.

Non-Shift + Click Testing Cheats

There are some testing cheats that you can use without using Shift and click.(Return to Cheats list)

Maximize Sim’s Motives

When testing cheats are enabled, you can click on the sim’s needs bar and drag the bar up or down to raise or lower the sim’s needs. The cheat is handy when you want your sim to complete an opportunity, but they’re feeling hungry or need something. It is a perfect energy cheat, which allows you to refill your sim’s energy.

Remove Mood’s

It is one of the mood cheats that you can use to remove the moodlets; you can activate the cheat by holding CTRL when the testing cheats are enabled. It will allow you to change the moods of your sim or remove them completely.

Make Friends or Enemies

Do many people ask how to edit the relationships on Sims 3? Well, here’s your answer. With the testing cheats enabled, you can go to the sims’ relationship pane and drag the relationship bars to edit the relationships. You can make someone your friend or foe with this cheat.

Free Lots

Type Command:

  • Freerealestate – purchase a lot that is overbudget.

If your sim is single and wants to purchase a lot, which is over its budget, you can use the cheat mentioned here to buy the lot. It is a free real estate cheat; all you have to do is enable the testing cheats and type “freerealestate” in the sims 3 command console, and you’re done.

Lifetime Happiness Points

It is one of the simpoints cheats; all you have to do is design your sim, get them a house, and once they’re in, you can go to the main menu, and before loading your game, you can have to open the cheat console. You can open the cheat console by pressing CTRL + Shift + C and type testing cheat, i.e., testingcheatenabled true.

Once your game loads, your testing cheat will still be on; you can go to the lifetime rewards tab and press CTRL-Click the area around the treasure chest. Make sure that your game is not paused, or the code may not work. When you click the area around the treasure chest, it will give you 500-lifetime happiness points.

Cheats & Secrets

Prevent Death

Suppose a sim has a death flower in its inventory. In that case, you can prevent your sim’s death when a sim dies due to reasons such as fire, drowning, or any other way that was preventable; the sim can give the death flower to the grim reaper in exchange for its soul. If you want the death flower and want to harvest it, you’ll find it at the graveyard.

Baby’s Gender

If you want to select the gender of the baby, then here’s the secret for you. If you want a baby boy, you can improve the chances by letting your pregnant sim eat apples. If you want a baby girl, you can improve the chances of having a girl by letting your pregnant sim eat watermelon.

Twins or Triplets

Type Command:

  • ForceTwins – It gives your pregnant sim twins.

People playing may want to add twins or triplets; you can apply the forcetwins cheat for twins; you can take the fertility treatment lifetime reward to increase the chances of twins and triplets. If you take the treatment for your sim, it is guaranteed that your sim will have twins or triplets.

Another secret is that let the parents watch kids program on television and listen to kid’s music on the radio. Listen and watch kid’s entertainment can also improve the chances of having twins or triplets.

The Sims 3 Expansion Pack Cheats

The sims 3 have some expansion pack cheats as well, and all of them are listed below: (Return to Cheats list)

Late Night Club Entry

It is a sims 3 late night cheats for entry in a club; you can use this when your testing cheat is active, press shift and click a late-night club barrier a menu will appear. The cheat will allow you to change the requirements such as bribe amount, and star level, etc. Late-night club entry cheat comes in handy when you’re denied entry into clubs or lounges.

World Adventures Tomb Building Cheat

Teleportation is a handy cheat that allows your sim to save some time while traveling, but sim 3 expansion included one new sims 3 world adventures cheat. In order to use the cheat, you should first enable the “god mode” of the game, and you can do that by typing “testingcheatsenabled true” and then type “buydebug.”

Applying the cheat will give you the freedom to purchase items in the expansion pack, and your sim can take part in tomb building.

Edit Lots in Foreign Lands

Type Command:

  • EnableLotLocking – it allows you to edit lots in foreign lands.

If you want to edit lots in foreign lands and want to construct something, all you have to do is type the cheat “EnableLotLocking on,” and you’re done.

Reveal Uncharted Islands

Type Command:

  • DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands – Cheat allows you to reveal all the hidden islands.

You have to perform different tasks to reveal the uncharted island, and if you want to skip different tasks, then you can use this cheat. All you have to do type “testingcheatenabled true” and then apply the sims 3 island paradise cheat “DiscoverAllUnchartedIslands” the cheat will remove the fog, and you can access all the islands and start building a resort.

Weather Cheat

There is a weather cheat included in the game as well; the cheat allows you to control the weather in the game. Suppose you want to access the weather cheat. In that case, you should enable the testing cheat and press shift + click any patch of the ground, the cheat menu will pop up, and you can access the weather control interface to change the weather settings.

Other Cheats

Here are some other cheats that you can use to enhance your gameplay in sims 3:(Return to Cheats list)

RestrictBuildBuyinBuildings on/offThe code allows you to remove any restrictions and enables you to edit the lots.
AlwaysAllowBuildBuy on/offThe code will never restrict you from buying or building in events like burglary or fire.
PlaceFriezes on/offIt will help you to place foundations on top floors.
ConstrainFloorElevation True/FalseThe cheat removes the constraints of elevations.
DisableSnappingToSlotson Alt on/offThe cheat prevents an object from snapping into a slot.
ShazaamIt gives you 2500+ lifetime happiness points.
FadeObjects on/offIt will fade the object when the camera comes closer to the object.
ForceTwinsIt will give twins to a pregnant sim.
BuyDebugThe cheat allows you to purchase locked objects.

The Bottom Line!

Sims 3 is a fantastic life simulation game; all these cheat codes are computer cheats. You can apply these cheats for money, fun, building, moving objects, changing moods, etc. Enjoy the game with these cheat codes and have unlimited freedom while playing.

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