Sims 3 Money Cheats 2022【Unlimited Money】

Sims 3 Money Cheat

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

 Be it the world of games or real life, a little extra money never hurt anyone. 

Most people yearn for surplus money. Why else do we work? Or study? Everything that you yearn to have in this world comes at the cost of money. The world of Sims is no different. Everything you wish to acquire comes at the cost of Simoleons, the monetary equivalent of the Sims world. Just like real life requires you to work hard before you can earn a handsome amount of money, the same goes for the world of Sims. However, sometimes being short of cash can make the gaming experience just as stressful and tedious as real life.

The developers of Sims are aware of all hurdles faced by players and for this very purpose, they have created cheats. The fun part is that, unlike the real world, earning money in Sims 3 is as easy as a piece of cake if you know how to smartly put codes to use. The Sims 3 money cheat codes help your Sim live their dream life and ensure that you have a running stream of Simoleons at all times.

Sims 3 Money Cheats:

Cheat CodeFunction
Control + Shift + C or Control + Windows Key + Shift + C followed by typing “testingcheatsenabled true”Activation on Windows
Command + Shift + C simultaneously, followed by typing “testingCheatsEnabled true” Activation on Mac
Press L1, L2, R1, and R2 and select llama from the build/buy menu.Activation on PS3
Hold LB, LT, RB, and RT together and a pop-up regarding cheat will open. From the pop-up, select “Let the cheating begin”.Activation on XBox 360
Kaching or Rosebud +1000 Simoleons
Motherlode+50,000 Simoleons
“familyfunds [y] [z]” where y is Sim’s last name or the family name and z is the money required. Get money. 9999999 Simoleons is the most amount available.
For ps3 and xbox360, select the llama+50,000 Simoleons
For Sims 3 Supernatural Control + Alt + C at the same time and type “motherlode” in the blue popupGet 50,000 Simoleons
“Buydebug”Buy all locked and hidden items
“Freerealestate”Get lots of your liking for free
“familyfunds [y] [z]” where z = 0Remove all money

The code shall not only boost your pleasure and advantages but also unlock plenty of resources for you. I bet this has made you curious about how to cheat money in Sims 3, hasn’t it? Here is the ultimate guide on how to do money cheats. By the end of this, you shall be equipped with all the necessary information required to make your Sim reach new heights of monetary satisfaction by learning all Sims 3 cheats.

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Cheats Activation

How to Enable and Activate Cheats

The first and foremost step to get started with your journey of using cheats in Sims 3 is to activate the cheat console. Without activating the cheat console first, your Sims 3 codes or any other code for that matter might not work. The key is to activate the cheat console first and then enter your cheats for money. The activation of cheats depends on the console. For instance, PCs have different activation mechanisms, Macs have a different one and so do PS4 and Xbox 360.

Sims 3

Activation of  Money Cheat PC

The Sims 3 Money for PC Cheat can be availed by activating the cheat console by simultaneously pressing Control + Shift + C. On some PCs, you might have to use Control + Windows Key + Shift + C. Either way this shall open a command box where PC users have to type  testingcheatsenabled true  followed by pressing Enter. This enables the usage of cheats on PC.

Activation of Cheat Mac

For Mac users, the pathway for activating cheats on Mac is a tad bit different from that on PC. For activating the cheat console on Mac, press Command + Shift + C simultaneously, followed by typing  testingCheatsEnabled true  and pressing Enter. 

Sims 3 Money Cheat PS3

Money Cheats for PS3 are more technique-driven. At the start, simultaneously press L1, L2, R1, and R2 at the same time and follow the directions mentioned on the pop-up message. This will unlock the magic cheating Llama that will further allow you to use your Cheats for PS3.

Xbox 360 Money Cheat

The activation method for Xbox 360 is similar to that of PS3. At the start, hold LB, LT, RB, and RT together and a pop-up regarding cheat will open. From the pop-up, select “Let the cheating begin”. Once you’ve done this, go to the “Build/Buy” mode. Go to Décor, then the miscellaneous section, and select “Spoot the magic llama”. Place the llama anywhere, clicking on the llama makes all the cheats including the cheat for Xbox 360 work.

Tip for PS3 and Xbox 360

The left trigger, L2 for PS3 and LT for Xbox 360, has plenty of uses. It allows you to teleport Sims, add a Sim to the family, modify the traits for active Sims as well as trigger age transactions. However, the most useful of these is when you hold the left trigger and click on the mailbox, it will open up a full cheat list.

 Additional tip: After enabling the cheat console, to make all Sims in a house happy click on the mailbox of the house and select the option “Make all Happy”. There are no cheats for skills in Sims. Hence keeping your Sim happy works as a cheat to accelerate the rate at which they learn skills in sims 3.


Cheats in Detail

How to Apply Cheat 

The question of how to cheat money in sims 3 remains unanswered. Now, coming to the part you have been eagerly waiting for, how to get free money on Sims 3? Now let’s quickly get to the point and list all cheats in Sims 3 so that you can learn how to make free money on Sims 3.

Sims 3

There are all types of Sims 3 money hacks. There are cheats to make money, then there are cheats to get more money, and then there are cheats to make even more money, the motherlode of code.

If you are looking for quick money for your Sim, type the code  kaching  on the cheat console of your Mac or PC will add over 1000 Simoleons to your Sim’s account. Similarly, the codes  rosebud  also works in a similar manner and adds over 1000 Simoleons to your Sim’s account. 

Either of these Sims 3 money cheat codes can be used as many times as the players wish and every time the amount will be deposited with the household income.

If 1000 Simoleons does not seem a reasonable amount for our Sim, you can use another one of the Sim 3 cheat codes to make up to five times more money. Access the cheat console on your PC/Mac and type the Sims 3 money cheat  motherlode  and press enter. This code adds over 50,000 Simoleons to your account.

As far as cheats for PS3 and Xbox 360 are concerned, once you have activated the cheat console according to the aforementioned way the only cheats you require for PS3 and Xbox 360 are clicking on the llama and you can choose between adding 1000 and 50,000 Simoleons credit with your Sims. This can be done multiple times to push the amount to your desired number.

Lo and behold for the best cheats out there, the family funds cheat. This allows you to deposit as much money to your Sim as you wish. It allows you to manually enter your desired amount of money. Here is the infinite money codes. To get unlimited money on Sims 3 through cheats, go to your console type the command  familyfunds [y] [z]  where, y would be the Sim’s last name or the family name and z, would be money required. The most amount of money possible is 9999999 Simoleons. 

This saves you from constantly entering the cheat motherlode several times and also getting infinite money in one go. This Sims 3 household funds cheat and money hac(k is the ultimate lifesaver. Moreover, you can check out this other article for cheats, Sims 3 Enable Cheats.

Before all the Wii users come at me for leaving them out, here is the Wii sims 3 money cheat. As a Wii user, ensure that you have set up a profile and created a family. Also ensure that your Sim has a house, a bed, and a fridge. Now, take a trip to the Supermarket and purchase 90 3-star plain catfish. The prerequisite is to purchase 3-star catfish and make sure that they are plain and not Alley Catfish. Now, rush home and load all the Catfish in your fridge and go to sleep preferably until midnight if you bought the Catfish at noon. Once you wake up, put all the catfish in your backpack, go back to the supermarket, and sell back all the Catfish to the supermarket. Each catfish will be worth 17,000 Simoleons and selling them all will get you 999,999 Simoleons cumulatively. This is the upper limit for the Simoleons. With this infinite money through the cheat code, your Sim can purchase anything they yearn for. Additionally, if your Sim has a wish to have a family net worth 100,000 Simoleons, these cheats will help achieve that and concurrently achieve plenty of happiness points.

Another one of the Wii cheats to save money is to purchase any item according to your liking, use it as many times as you wish, and sell it the same day to get all your money back. I bet you wish you could do it in real life too.

Before any Sims 3 Supernatural user goes into ninja mode for depriving them of the money cheats, let’s fix this. The Sims 3 Supernatural money cheats work in pretty much the same way as Sims 3. Push Control + Alt + C at the same time and type  motherlode  in the blue popup and you will get 50,000 Simoleons. The Sims 3 family funds cheat or the household funds similarly cheat works as Sims 3 supernatural money codes. Basically, the family funds cheat and the motherlode cheats are the ultimate sims 3 money hack.

Once you have acquired the money what to do with money is totally at your disposal.

Here is a youtube video that can help you with the cheat codes:

Money Cheats

Money Cheat to Buy Anything and Everything

Ever thought of buying items without spending money? In Sims 3, you can buy anything and everything you wish for without spending money.

This Sims 3 money cheat allows you to buy anything including the locked and hidden items. Exciting, isn’t it? Simply open the console and type  buydebug . Now go to the Build/Buy mode and get literally anything without spending money.

Sims 3 Free Real Estate

A fancy, expensive house with modern and polished furniture for your Sim is definitely something you yearn for but housing can be expensive, both in virtual and real life.

Did you know that using a money cheat before buying a house can get you a free lot? Simply use the Sims 3 free real estate cheat to purchase lots of your liking that are way over your budget.

Open the cheat console and type the command  freerealestate  and all lots of your liking will be free. This is how the Sims 3 cheats help you get your dream house.

Sims 3

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How to Remove Money Sims 3

At some point, you might want to get rid of the surplus money that you have accumulated. While spending money on worthless things or donating to charity is one way to go about it, there is also a cheat to get rid of money on Sims 3.

Open the cheat console and type  familyfunds [y] [z]  where y would be Sim’s last name or the family name and z, would be money required. Entering 0 in the place of z will help the household get rid of all the money.

Sims 3 Cheats Not Working

As a Sims 3 player, if your cheats are not working, there is no need to be alarmed. Ensure that you have carried out the activation and enabling step as that is the most common reason for Sims 3 cheats not working.

A lot of times, users complain of Sims 3 family funds cheat not working. The primary reason for this is the incorrectly entered command. Another reason can be the addition of unnecessary commas and spaces which leads to rendering the command invalid. Additionally, the users complain of Sims 3 family funds cheat not working if the console has not been activated in the first place.


 At the end of the day, using the money cheats for Sims 3 is the choice of the player. Plenty of players consider it an unfair practice and frown upon it while plenty considers these an ultimate boon. The sims 3 money hack can be used to quickly acquire everything that you yearn for your Sim. In other cases, the long and tortuous path is all yours to tread upon. These Sims 3 cheats have been extensively used throughout 2020 and 2022 by Sims 3 players. 

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