Sims 4 Building Cheats in 2022 – Build Anywhere Cheat

Sims 4 building cheats

You will agree with me when I say:

 Building anything in Sims 4 can turn out to be an overwhelming process. 

If you are an avid player of Sims 4 but have refrained from the building, then now is the time you should get started. Building in Sims 4 is probably one of the many new and exciting ways to bring your inner creator and innovator out, and with the latest update, the building has never been faster and easier.

The Sims 4 Building Cheats

Building cheats are essential to make your way to the top of the game. Here’s a compilation of all the building cheats for Sims 4! We’ve explained them in detail and explained how to implement them in different appliances.

Cheat CodeFunction
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlementApplying this cheat will unlock all objects that are locked by careers, aspirations, etc.
bb.showliveeditobjectsApplying this cheat will unlock objects that are in the world for you to use in builds (trees, fences, etc)
bb.showhiddenobjectsApplying this cheat will unlock the buy debug catalog of objects for you to build with
bb.enablefreebuildApplying this cheat will help you build on locked lots (dorms, hospital, etc)
FreeRealEstate OnApplying this cheat will enable you to buy any home in the game, regardless of Price
click shift + c while clicking a roofApplying this cheat will let you manipulate roof shapes
hold down alt while placingApplying this cheat will allows for free placement of objects outside the grid, and free rotation of objects
[ or ] keysApplying these cheats will make objects bigger or smaller
bb.moveobjectsOnce you apply these cheats you can conveniently ignore the rules for placement created by the game, which eventually allows you to place objects wherever you’d like, great for clutter.

That being said, building in Sims 4 consumes a lot of time, and this is where Sims 4 building cheats come into play. This is because many of us don’t have the patience nor do we have the time to build legitimately, which is why sims 4 build mode cheats is probably our last resort.

Sims 4 build cheats are probably some of the easiest cheats to use, and if you have a clear understanding of Sims 4 build cheats and how to use them effectively, you can really help yourself in making your buildings more smoothly.

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Sims 4 Building Cheats PC:

Prior to using Sims 4 build cheats, you need to make sure that cheats are enabled just to make sure they work properly. For this purpose, you will have to open the cheats dialogue box. Once the dialogue box is opened, press  CTRL+SHIFT+C  on your keyboard. This should be followed by typing  ‘testingcheats’ true and then press enter. Doing so will enable Sims 4 building cheats pc.

Sims 4 Building Cheats PS4:

In order to enable Sims 4 building cheats on your PS4, all you need to do is open the cheat console box in your ps4. You can do this simply by holding down all four triggers at the same time. Doing so will enable Sims 4 building cheats ps4. You can repeat the same step if you intend to close the cheats dialogue box.

Sims 4 Building Cheats Xbox One:

In order to launch Sims 4 building Cheats Xbox one, launch a new game or open a saved game. Once you do this, simply open the Cheat Console by holding down all four shoulder buttons while in-game. This will bring up the cheat dialogue box.

Sims 4 Building Cheats MAC:

To enable Sims 4 building cheats for mac, simply press  CTRL+SHIFT+C . Doing so will open the cheats dialogue box and will enable the cheats.


Sims 4 Building Cheats Debug:

There are a number of objects, which you as an ordinary player are unable to access. They include things like plates, cups, utensils used for cooking, seeds and many other items which you may wish to get for yourself.

To use this cheat, you need to type bb.showhiddenobjects in the cheat dialogue box and then press enter. Once you do this, proceed to build mode where you can use a search bar to search debug or simply head to the sorting function, which is located in the bottom right corner. Further click debug under the menu. This will show debug items.

What you need to remember is that Debug usually is highly unorganized and you need to be highly patient once you go through it. Also, if you are on a hunt for a specific item, you can simply search for that specific item.

This technique is not that effective, as it works for some objects but does not work for others. For instance, if you are searching for plates, simply search plates and they will show up. Applying this cheat will unlock the buy debug catalogue of objects for you to build with.

The cheat, once enabled, also helps us select items from full-grown trees, lights which would not have been possible otherwise.

Live Edit Objects:

If you are an avid Sim4 player, you may have noticed that there are cars, fences and trees, and many other things which you cannot access via the regular build catalog. This is where sim4 build cheats come to the rescue. The objects which you can see around are locked behind the live edit cheat. With the help of ĺive edit cheat, you can gain access to many objects which may have been locked previously.

To activate this cheat code, type ctrl + shift + c in the cheat box followed by typing testingcheats true and then proceed to hit enter. This should be followed by typing bb.showliveeditobjects in the cheats dialogue box.

Once you do this, you can then conveniently go through the debug sort function to find these objects. Applying this cheat will unlock objects that are in the world for you to use in builds (trees, fences, etc)

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Sims 4 Build On Any Lot Cheat:

There are many lots in Sims 4 which are locked, and you can’t just build anything on them just by entering build mode like you usually do at a home or community lot.

But, once you enable Sims 4 to build on any lot cheat, you can easily gain access to all the lots. For this purpose, you are required to use free build cheat so that you may enter build mode.

To enable this cheat code, open the cheat dialogue box by typing ctrl + shift + c and type testingcheats true. Once you do this, proceed to press enter. This should be followed by typing in bb.enablefreebuild and then press enter.

Applying this cheat will help you build on locked lots (dorms, hospital, etc).

Move Objects Cheat Sims 4:

If you are wondering how to move objects anywhere in Sims 4, then you need not worry. Move objects Sims 4 is probably one of the most used cheats in this domain.

To activate, simply type bb.moveobjects in the cheat dialogue box. Once you do this, you will be able which would have been impossible with Sims 4 move object cheats.

With the help of this cheat, you can also combine two pieces of furniture and make them into one large piece of furniture. For instance, you can make a corner set just by placing 2 sofas at a right angle to each other.

Or, you can also combine smaller tables and turn them into larger ones. The only downside to this entire thing is that it can affect your Sim’s ability to use part or all of the items. Just to be on the safe side, you must test objects placed with this cheat, especially if your primary motive is to share the build.

In addition to this, the move object cheat also comes with its fair share of restrictions. For instance it may allow you to move objects to your liking, but at the same time, it can cause some strange visuals.

Also, there are instances where the game does not acknowledge the fact that an item is placed in an unusual place, and as a countermeasure, it creates a strange visual.

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Sims 4 Item Enlargement Cheat:

This is not necessarily a cheat, but the enlarging feature is resourceful when it comes to decorating a house.

Once you are in the build mode, simply pick an item and then press the “]” key. Doing so will eventually increase the size of the item. With every click, the item will get bigger. You must know that you may increase the size of the item but you cannot make it smaller than its default size.

Similarly, if you wish to reduce the size of anything which you have previously enlarged, then simply select the item and click “[“ key, with every stroke, you can reduce its size up to the point that it comes back to its original size.

When using the enlargement cheat, there is one thing which you must know: there are things that enlarge well and vice versa. For instance, mirrors do not enlarge well.

Sims 4 Build Outside Boundaries:

Free placement and rotation of objects is a widely used trick in Sims 4. In ordinary circumstances, when you place an item, it is usually locked to the grid. When you select any item and place it anywhere, you will come to know that it has a footprint.

The footprint demonstrates the number of grid squares the item requires and once you place it, the footprint locks the grid on the floor by itself.

When you place something, simply hold the ALT key, by doing so, the grid will be ignored and you can easily place it anywhere else. It is important to know that even if you move things this way, it will still have a footprint.

Only If you enable the move objects to cheat, items will not share the same space. The only possible way to have more placement options is by combining the move objects cheat and holding the ALT key.

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What Sims 4 Build Mode Cheats Offer?

Once you are done with installing the Sims 4 building cheats PC extension, you can easily make your builds look massively better than ever before. Below is the detailed description of what Sims 4 building cheats PC offer.

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How to Rotate Objects Freely in Sims 4?

You may wonder how to rotate objects freely. Free rotation is entirely dependent on sims3 camera mode. To make a switch, click on the options menu located in the top right corner. Select the box which says The Sims 3 camera. Once done, simply press apply changes and you can return to the game.

There is also an alternate way of doing it. By holding CTRL + Shift + Tab together, you can easily switch between Sims 3 camera and Sims 4 camera. Once you have enabled Sims 3 camera, you can rotate an item that you are holding. You can do this simply by dragging it instead of using > or < keys. But, doing this way, you will still be confined to 45 degrees but if you press ALT key, you can rotate the item without any restrictions.

Sims 4 Turn Off Snap to the Grid:

If you are tired of snapping objects to the grid, just hold down the alt key when you’re placing the item. This way you can easily turn off snap to grid.


Frequently Asked Questions

How to disable free build mode Sims 4?
To disable free build mode Sims 4, you can try resetting your Sims 4 folder. To do that, simply move your Sims 4 folder to the desktop. This should be followed by restarting the game, which will then generate a new Sims 4 folder.

 Once you do this, simply exit the game. Then add back the “options.ini” file and the “saves”, “screenshots” “tray” “custom music ” and “mods” folders to the new Sims 4 folder, and then replace the new generated file/ folders with the old file/folders. 

This way, you can disable free build mode in Sims 4.

How to move objects anywhere in Sims 4?
In order to move objects anywhere in Sims 4, simply apply move objects cheat Sims 4. Hold the Alt key whenever you are placing an item. This way you will be able to place items anywhere you like.

how to raise and lower objects in Sims 4?
In order to raise or lower objects simply type  bb.moveobjects  in the cheat dialogue box. Once you do this, you can easily raise or lower the objects. That being said, you cannot lower the objects deeper than the floor.

How to turn on free build mode Sims 4?
In order to enable free build mode, simply enter   ‘bb.enablefreebuild’  in the cheats dialogue box. Once you do this, you can build anywhere.


If you are an avid Sims 4 player, then you will probably agree with me when I say that building is one of the most relaxing things the game has to offer. These Sims 4 building cheats are no less than blessings as they make your gaming experience more fun.

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