Snake Game Cheats You Should Try

Are you a lover of mobile games? If you are, then this article will be of great help to you.

Being able to play the snake game without limits would make the game much more fun! Here, you’ll learn how to apply cheats to the snake game so that you can rack up high scores and impress your friends.

Snake Video Game

You must recall the snake game played on Nokia phones, don’t you?- the one where you had to make a black snake on your screen swallow some food as it scurried through your screen box, being careful not to hit the edges. Hitting the edges would mean that you had lost the game, just as much as the snake colliding with its own body as it gets elongated will mean the same thing?

You must also remember how you loathed the times when the “Game over” notice popped up on your screen, signaling that you had lost again- How


you bit your teeth hard while trying over and over and how you eventually gave the game a rest because you just weren’t happy that you weren’t already getting on to the next level? Certainly, no


one likes to lose, winning is exciting. We all want to see what is programmed to happen next after we must have scaled through the task of feeding the snake till it’s overly voluptuous.


Snake Game Cheats

Now, here is the good part that I am certain you have been eager to hear; the sole purpose of putting up this article. What if I told you that there are cheats even in the snake game that make it easier to play for as long as you want while bagging the highest scores?- Yes, as high as the score can get.


Cheats are methods designed to help gamers scale through levels, especially really tricky ones. Sometimes, they also equip the one who has knowledge of them with special abilities that other players do not have. These cheats might be a little bit tricky sometimes, but they are certainly applicable and useful if done right.


Snake Zero Boundaries Hack

The first I would love to share is what I termed the Zero boundaries Hack. I bet you did not know you could take out those boundaries at the edges and have your snake move freely across one edge of your screen, resurfacing at the opposite edge. This is just like the feeling of being grounded- you are restricted from going outdoors, the four corners of your room and the other rooms in the house are all you know. Would it not just be so great and a victorious burst of freedom to crash down those walls and move in and out as you wish? Without any restrictions? Without having to bump into a cement wall? Now you get the idea, right?


It is actually pretty easy to get this done. All you have to do is- Open your snake game as you usually would and select your desired level according to your skill set or level of expertise. And once that is done, you would go to the “game type” options and select “campaign”, then start your game.


Then just as soon as you start the game, pause the game and go to the “game type” options again. Do not switch to any different option, simply select “campaign” once more, then restart the game and press continue. You would observe that the barricades around the four corners of the screen have disappeared, allowing you free movement across the corners. Now, I don’t expect to tell you how this can help improve your winning chances in tons. With this out of the way, you have got one less obstacle to worry about; you don’t need to be so conscious of your snake colliding against the walls anymore. You can repeat this Hack for each new level and you will get the exact same result. This has been tested on many phones and discovered to be very effective.


Now, beyond that, what if I told you that another cheat exists that prevents the snake from increasing in length? Anyone who has played this game to a good extent would know that this is another major concern- the snake gets so long that it cannot adequately fit into the small Nokia screen that serves as the box and the parameters around which it moves. The hack we discovered above barely has an effect on this “long snake” situation given that if the snake is allowed to exit through the screen borders because of the absence of the walls, it resurfaces through the exact opposite border of the screen and may collide with it’s exiting the tail. This is a bummer too as it’s “Game over” baby!

Growth Stunt Hack


However, if you can learn to ensure that your snake does not get too long, you will not have to worry about collision from any angle. This is what I call the Growth Stunt Hack, just like stunted growth in kids. However, this isn’t achieved by malnourished the snake as is applicable with kids. I mean, your score literally gets higher with the more food your snake consumes, so stopping it from eating if you could only reduce your chances at a high score and stops the game automatically. After all, the game is really all about feeding your snake, isn’t it?

How then can you stunt the growth of your snake if it still has to be fed?-

First, you need to ensure that no one is spying unless you want to let them in on the secret too. Then, you have to start the game and play on for a while. As the snake gets bigger, pause the game and change the option to Campaign. “Changing” the option here entails that the option wasn’t really set at “Campaign” before now. Once you’ve had the option changed to “Campaign” in the “game type” folder, quit the game and restart it.


You will observe after doing this that your score remains the same with the snake’s length shortened like from the beginning. Continue playing and repeating the pattern if the length of the snake poses any more threat to you.

With these hacks, you can be guaranteed of maintaining high scores in the Snake game, while watching your friends and colleagues try to beat your score. To make it easier, you could apply both hacks in one game. However, you could also apply just one of them if you’re up for a little bit more challenge still. It’s all up to you and how you love to play.

So there you have it, some of the cheats that can help you play your snake game better and win better. Cheers to more wins!