Spore Cheats 2022【DNA, Money & Unlockables】

Spore cheats

I hope you agree with me when I say:

 Cheats take your game to a whole new level! 

Spore” is a life simulation game programmed for gamers to enable them to develop a microorganism into a complex creature. Spore cheats will help to upgrade your game.

This game allows you to create and design your own creatures, vehicles, and buildings and share them with other players or simply use cheats pc, android, etc. for these. It is divided into various stages and players can design and create their own creatures and content in different stages throughout the game. In this article, we will tell you how to get to the next stage with cheats. If you play this game, then having a list of various cheats might empower you.

Whether you want more money, add DNA, or unlock any level, it is all possible by inserting these codes in the Spore cheat engine!

Spore Cheats 2022:

How to Cheat in Spore?

Press Ctrl+shift+C for the console screen. The spore console command screen will open. Enter your desired cheat code and click ENTER.

Press ESC or the red X to close the window.

Spore Cheats PC List:

Here’s a list of some of the Spore cell part cheats to help you upgrade your game and beat the odds!

Spore Cell Part Cheats for Money, DNA, Weapons and much more.

Money Cheat for Spore:

  • moreMoney: spore more money cheat [ $2000 in civilization and $100000 in space ]
  • moreMoney+Up: to get 99 999 999 sporebucks

Spore Cheats Unlock All Stage:

Before we get into spore cheats for stages, let’s revise what stages are present in the game. Below we will be talking about these stages in detail. For now here’s a list.


Spore is a game divided into 5 stages:

  1. Cell stage
  2. Creature stage
  3. Tribal stage
  4. Civilization stage
  5. Space stage

Spore Cheats Unlock All Stages

The following cheats unlock all stages or rename planets, etc.

  • level-unlock: to unlock all stages
  • level-unlockAdventures: spore cheats unlock all parts and Maxis adventures
  • Rename planet [new name]: to change the name of the selected planet
  • Rename star  [new name]: to change the name of the selected star

These spore cheats unlock everything.

Other Spore Cheats:

Let’s look at other non-categorical cheats like the Spore complexity cheats, Spore complexity meter, and the relationship cheats that really have no place to go:

spaceCreate+upkeep pressing to have max uses
spaceCreateto unlock tools in space mode
addDNAto get 150 DNA points
unlockSuperWeaponsto unlock weapons
spaceCreateunlocks tools in space
evoadvantageto choose any creature from sporepodia when starting a new creature game
SetTime[h,m]to set time of Avatar or multiply speed
helpProvides a list of all cheats
historydisplays previously used commands
optiongives an options list
clearto clear consoles
capturePlanetGIFcaptures spinning GIF of your current planet and stores to AnimatedAvatars directory
AntiAliasGIFcaptures spinning GIF of your current planet and stores to AnimatedAvatars directory
freedomget rid of all limits
universeSimulatorPirateRaidPlunderfrequency#where # is the rate at which pirates will go after spice
universeSimulatorPirateRaidAllyFrequency#where # is the rate at which pirates will raid allies
quitto quit game
Desconsole commands
Help[command]explains action and use of the command


Sporepodia keeps track of your creatures like how they were evolved and their achievements. It records the buildings, planets, and vehicles one has attained with money which you can get by spore more money cheats. Players can publish their creation on the website Spore.com where anyone can view them.

As mentioned before, this game allows players to customize their desirable creatures, vehicles and buildings. You can design your game by adding various filters and effects using the terraforming cheat codes below.

1. StyleFilter Cheats

The stylefilter cheats change the visual style of the game by adding different artistic effects to your content. Stylefilter changes the graphics of your game (e.g. giving a black and white effect). You can disable it by typing styleFilter-none.

StyleFilter Spore Cheat Codes

styleFilter -noneno filters
styleFilter -oilpaintfor oily effect
styleFilter -filmnoirfor black and white mode
styleFilter -microscopefor chalkboard effect
styleFilter -norainbowsfor less colorful effect
styleFilter -nextgenfor foggy effect

2. AdventureLook Cheats

It is similar to styleFilter. Changes the graphics of your game for a good impression online for the general public to view. Applies unique looks and effects to your published adventure so other players can see too once uploaded at the Spore.com website. Type AdventureLook-none for no effects and graphics.

AdventureLook Spore Cheat Codes

adventureLook -noneno filters
adventureLook -norainbowsless colorful effect
adventureLook -watercolorfor watercolor effect
adventureLook -sepiafor old photograph effect
adventureLook -sixteenbitgives a blocky effect
adventureLook -eightbitsame as sixteenbit but more drastic

Spore Consequence Trait Cheats

Traits are abilities gained by creatures at the end of a stage. These are unique traits and are also known as consequence abilities. Here’s a list of spore consequence trait cheats to alter these traits:

  • spore game postersetConsequenceTrait cell_carnivore
  • setConsequenceTrait cell_omnivore
  • setConsequenceTrait cell_herbivore
  • setConsequenceTrait creature_aggressive
  • setConsequenceTrait creature_social
  • setConsequenceTrait creature_mixed
  • setConsequenceTrait tribe_aggressive
  • setConsequenceTrait tribe_social
  • setConsequenceTrait tribe_mixed
  • setConsequenceTrait civ_millitary
  • setConsequenceTrait civ_economic
  • setConsequenceTrait civ_religious
  • setConsequenceTrait space_bard
  • setConsequenceTrait space_diplomat
  • setConsequenceTrait space_ecologist
  • setConsequenceTrait space_knight
  • setConsequenceTrait space_scientist

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Spore Fanatical Frenzy

It is used on a planet to direct its inhabitants to one path and you need to become a zealot for it.

Unlockables and How to Unlock them

Various unlockable modes don’t have any specific cheats but they do have conditions that are required to unlock them. Moreover, users can design their space with desirable filters and effects using their cheats to unlock all stages.

As we talked about earlier, not everything has a cheat code. Every stage has its own task which once fulfilled unlocks an achievement. Certain unlockables require the completion of some tasks.

Different stages have various unlockables which are listed below.

Complete the requirements to unlock the following achievements:

1. Cell Stage and its Achievements

The initial stage is the cell stage where you have a single-celled microbe. As you are already aware that players evolve their creatures. In this stage, you guide your microbe and earn money. In spore, add DNA points by feeding or you can use spore food cheats.

Players can also change the looks, shapes and qualities of their organisms. They can also choose their organism whether to be a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. You can use Spore cell stage cheats given below.


Following are the unlockables of this stage and their condition.

Aluminum cell   Finish the Cell stage on hard difficulty
Cell Addict   Complete Cell stage for 25 times
Completist   Unlock parts of Cell stage
Creature Stage   Unlocked Play enough of the cell stage
Landfall Complete Cell stage and scramble onto planet's surface
Pacifist Complete cell stage without killing any creature
Speedfreak      Complete cell stage in 8 minutes

2. Creature Stage and its Achievements

Spore Game: Customize your own creatureIn this stage, players have a grown-up creature in a biosphere full of other creatures and species.

It’s the choice of players to whether socially interact or attack other organisms. The biosphere is full of other creatures on which omnivores and carnivores can feed and plants for the herbivores.

If you swim to another planet a monster eats you and you are warned not to return. You have to survive at this stage with others.

You get DNA points for social interaction as well as for preying. Your creature evolves till it can form a tribe. There is an Epic creature that you cannot socially interact with. They are Rogue creatures that you can either befriend or attack. Use the given spore creature stage cheats.


So here is a table of the unlockables spore cheats pc and their tasks.

Cerberus   Develop a creature of 3 heads in this stage
DevourerEat 50 creatures/species
Epickiller Kill an epic creature at this stage
Everyone's BFF Complete this stage and make 20 other species your friend
Evolver Complete this stage
Flight of the Bumblebee Fly 200 meters high above ground
Foe Finish 20 other creatures at this stage
General CusterKill 30 group members at this stage
Iron Creature Complete this stage at hard difficulty
Max power Create a creature with max stats with minimum 4 qualities
Slugger Complete this stage without legs

3. Tribal Stage and its Achievements

After your creature is full evolved, you can enter the tribal stage. At this stage, you have a tribe of 12 creatures. Instead of one creature, you control a tribe. This stage mainly focuses on the Division of Labor. You have different tasks including befriending or demolishing other tribes.

You get access to weapons and get points on stealing food from other tribes for which you may use spore cheats for tribal villagers. The type of food required depends on the choice made by players initially whether herbivore, carnivore or omnivore. Use Spore food cheats for feeding tribal villagers. There are 5 more tribes. You have to conquer all the other tribes to move to the next stage. Below are all the Spore tribal cheats.


Following are its unlockables and their requirements.

Civilization stage unlockedPlay enough of this stage to unlock it
Domestic Bliss Tame and farm 3 species
Tribal socialiteChange all other 5 tribes to your system of belief
MedicCure one of the members fully in one game only
Steel Tribe Finish this stage at hard difficulty
Tribal Finish this stage 10 times
Ergonomically terrificFinish this stage in 60 minutes
FounderFinish this stage and construct a city
ViciousKill members of 5 tribes and demolish their village

4. Civilization Stage and its Achievements

In this stage, the planet is broken into various civilizations and you get control of one of them. The main purpose is to conquer the whole planet. You get weapons and a military force.

Expand your nation by attacking other nations or by buying them. You also earn money here. Players construct buildings and vehicles. The unit of money here is Sporebucks which is used to buy buildings and vehicles. You may use above mentioned money cheats for spore. You can use the spore civilization stage cheats to empower the game. Players can build three types of buildings:

  1. Houses
  2. Factory
  3. Entertainment

They can also have three modes of transport for their vehicles:

  1. Air
  2. Land
  3. Sea


Adamantium CivilizationComplete Civilization stage at hard difficulty
Conclusion   Complete Civilization stage by launching ICBMS and destroying all other cities
Economist Complete Civilization stage with more than 8 economic cities
Fear of flying Complete Civilization stage without buying any air vehicles
Ghetto blaster Make 10 anthems
Military strongman Complete Civilization stage with more than 8 military cities
Missionary Complete Civilization stage with more than 8  religious cities
RelentlessComplete Civilization stage 10 times
Rolling thunderComplete Civilization stage in 30 minutes
Space stage unlockedPlay enough of this stage
Spice hoarderControl every spice node at planet
StarmanConquer all cities and launch your first space vessel

5.  Space Stage and its Achievements

The last stage i.e. the space stage takes players to space. They can travel space in their spacecraft and visit other planets, stars and moon. They can enter the black hole under certain circumstances i.e. after getting a wormhole key. Certain empires can be allied and attacked by weapons. You can get weapons by cheats space stage all weapons. Following are all the essential spore space stage cheats that you will need.


42Locate gravity center
Manifest destinyLocate Earth
Maxis Scout Win 100 badges at this stage
Oh the Humanity! Finish Earth using a planet buster at this stage
Civil Engineer Upgrade 20 tribes of aliens to civilizations
Gunner Finish 500 spaceships
Conquistador   Seize 15 star systems
Split Personality Finish mission of "change archetype"
Super Pilot   Spend 40 hours in your spaceships as pilot
Thief   Rob 50 crates of spice at this stage
Bard Hero     Attain Master Badge level as Bard
Bard PassionPlay as Bard
Diplomat Hero   Attain Master Badge level as Diplomat
Diplomat PassionPlay as Diplomat
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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Here are some frequently asked questions related to Spore and its cheat codes. Clear your confusions related to Spore with these! Let us know if we answered yours.

1. Is Spore a free game?

It’s not free to download but you can now play it online.

2. Is Spore a multiplayer game?

It’s a kind of multiplayer. Only the last stage, i.e. Space stage, supports multiplayer.

3. How to unlock its parts using Spore cheats?

On Windows: Ctrl+shift+C

On MAC: Command+shift+C

4. How to achieve DNA points?

You achieve DNA points for completing various tasks like killing or befriending other creatures gives you around 10 points.

5. Can I play Spore offline?

You can play it online. If you want to play it offline, you need to download it.

6. Is there a Spore 2?

There is no further sequel of this game as Maxis Studio is closed now.

7. Is there Earth in Spore?

Yes, there is Earth along with all the other planets of the Solar System.

8. Can I play Spore on PS4?

No, it will never come on XBOX or PS4 as the company is closed now.

9. Can you create humans in Spore?

No. Many creators have tried to do so but as this game is designed for only creatures, the looks and shapes don’t match that of a real human.

10. In Spore, how to go to the next stage with cheats?

Spore cheats unlock everything. Simply type the following in the spore console command: level-unlock.

11. What to do if Spore cheats not working?

If cheats not working, you haven’t open spore console commands yet. Press Ctrl + Shift + C and then enter the desired cheat code.

12. How to become an Epic?

To become an Epic, watch this video:

13. How to create a creature in Spore?

To create your own creature, check out the video below:

14. Spore freedom cheat not working?

As the case with other games, sometimes, Spore cheats would not be working for you. In the case of this particular Spore cheat not working, here’s the reason. The freedom cheat can’t be used in the editor in the game, it can only be used on the creators accessed from the main menu.

15. How to use Spore evoadvantage?

Type “evoadvantage” exactly like that in the galaxy then start from the CREATURE stage and open the sporepodia and choose a creature.

For more FAQs, here’s a guide to walk you through!


Spore is an engaging and unique game that challenges players’ creativity. It is praised for enabling users to customize and create their own imaginary creatures, buildings and vehicles too that can be bought by money cheats for spore. This game offers a wide range of missions.

Players can create their own game content at each stage and later these are uploaded at Sporepodia where other players can download them easily.

Enter these codes in the cheat engine to level up and skip the boring parts. Implement the tips and tricks for the quickest results! We hope you have fun levelling up!