9 Best Standalone VR Headsets in 2022

Best Standalone VR Headsets 2021

There is no doubt that

 Losing yourself in a virtual world is one of the best feelings ever 

For the complete virtual reality experience, we have gone through and reviewed the best standalone VR headsets for 2022. After viewing our thoughts about each VR headset, we have prepared a guide for you to understand the concept of standalone headsets.

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Best Standalone VR Headsets in 2022

Here are the top VR standalone headsets according to my criteria, and then a standalone VR headset comparison and review:

VR HeadsetsRating
Oculus Quest 210/10 (Editor's Choice)
Oculus Go8/10
Pico Goblin 29/10
Xiaomi Mi VR7.5/10
DPVR P1 PRO8.5/10
GenBasic Quad HD8/10
VIVE Pro Eye8.5/10
Lenovo Mirage Solo9/10
Pico Neo 2 Eye9.5/10

1. Oculus Quest 2

Why we love it:

  • Durable Build Quality
  • AR & VR box at the same time
  • Extremely lightweight build material
Accurate motion trackingShort battery life
Processor is extremely fastLong battery time may cause you to get lost in VR
No cables
Controller is comfortable and durable

2. Oculus Go

Why we love it:

  • Wide variety of software
  • Long battery life
  • Sufficient memory
AffordableSmall software library
Excellent display

3. Pico Goblin 2

Why we love it:

  • Durable build
  • Amazing graphics
  • Less heat emissions
High resolutionRelatively less content
Kiosk mode3 degrees of freedom
Great battery life

4. Xiaomi Mi VR

Why we love it:

  • Cheap
  • Choice of earphones
  • Extremely lightweight
AffordableNo earphone outlet
Good compatibilityNot durable
Adjustable strap


Why we love it:

  • Quick charging
  • Memory card slot
  • Great for watching films
Great displaySpeakers not great
Quick rechargeGlasses can't be worn
Expansion up to 256 GB

6. GenBasic Quad HD

Why we love it:

  • Compatible with many devices
  • Great vision field
  • Blue-light filter
Full button controlsExpensive
Quad HD resolutionBad latency
Great design

7. VIVE Pro Eye

Why we love it:

  • Amazing audio
  • Quite durable
  • Sharp picture
Solid buildExpensive
High-resolution graphics
Tracks eye movements

8. Lenovo Mirage Solo

Why we love it:

  • Very comfortable
  • Room sensors not needed
  • Popular streaming services available
Focus on comfortExpensive
All Google services availableGraphics are sub-par
Long battery time

9. Pico Neo 2 Eye

Why we love it:

  • Excellent display
  • Eye-tracking
  • Fits comfortably
Super crisp displayMakes you sweaty
MicroSD card supportPerspective warping
Rare eye-tracking feature


What is a standalone VR headset?

A standalone VR headset implies that it’s basically a self-contained headset. It has a screen processor and battery inside, and it contains many viewfinders on its body that provide the necessary spatial orientation according to the objects around and its distance from them. It is found most commonly with controllers or one controller which can be moved in six directions, allowing maximum mobility.

Are there any advantages of having a standalone VR headset?

  • Standalone devices are high-performance devices able to process extraordinary 3D images.
  • Movement is allowed freely in all directions.
  • Costs are surprisingly low.
  • The ability to implement real-life applications – you can construct electronic devices using instructions from a QR code, or play shooting games in real-time.
  • The ability to carry around and use the devices anywhere: at work, with friends, at home, at a cafe, or in a vehicle. They are extremely portable!
  • No other device is needed in order for it to operate.

What are the disadvantages of standalone VR headsets?

Standalone VR headsets serve the primary purpose of providing a VR experience and no other function can be performed outside of that field. It also needs some practice to get used to it and enjoy it, even after the initial excitement has worn off.

What’s the future for standalone VR headsets?

Standalone VR is quite convenient in every day and that may accelerate the final transition of humans completely over to the century of virtual reality. Portable VR devices have stopped being just play-things, now they have real-life uses in businesses and problem-solving. Not only that but the standalone headset is faster than some of the most powerful computers too. They are able to render high-quality pictures right in front of your eyes and do not always need wires and cables to connect.


Virtual reality has always been a thing of the future until now. With the launch of AR interactive games (Read: best AR games) like Pokémon Go, AR and VR have gotten increasing interest by the general public. Recent developments in technology have made VR a reality and have allowed us to occupy our senses to an even larger extent.

If you already have a PC to set up your VR headset, you can see the best ones here.

Deciding on the best standalone VR headset can be a hassle, so we chose the nine best VR headsets for you in 2022 using significant factors like cost, comfort, software, heating, and image quality. The standalone VR headsets we have listed include the best all in one virtual reality headsets, best beginner VR headsets, best budget VR headsets, and all other categories of best standalone VR headsets you would want.

 “So scroll on through our reviews and choose the best budget VR headset for YOU.”