They Are Billions Cheats – Complete List 2022

They Are Billions Cheat

They Are Billions is the kind of real-time strategy game that will keep you at the edge of your seat constantly. It is also the kind of game that is perfect for anyone who just wants to bring a little thrill into their life.

However, this thrill can easily become overwhelming at times. But in order to maintain a balance between experiencing this thrill and remaining sane all the while doing it, this game offers They Are Billions cheats. A They Are Billions cheat helps you to skip a little virtual hard work.

Hence, the They Are Billions of cheat codes help you keep calm and simultaneously figure out this action-filled RTS game. We are here to provide you with an ultimate guide to any and all They Are Billions cheats so that you can soar your way through the game as you please.

They Are Billions Map Saves:

The first thing you need to do in order to start a game is open it – obviously! However in a game like this, it is usually a tedious task to get to the point where you left last time. That is why the They are Billions map saves option is a convenience that makes players come back to the came over and over. A part of the They Are Billions save mods, this most basic They Are Billions cheat assures that you start the game in a good mood.

Steps to be followed
Open File Explorer
Click the address bar at the top
Paste %UserProfile%\Documents\My Games\They Are Billions\Saves
Press enter
Begin from within your map saves

They Are Billions Custom Maps

Moving forwards, another great thing about this game is that they have a feature through which you can create your own level by inserting your own map. What can be better than the game developer trusting you enough to create your own They Are Billions custom maps so you can familiarise yourself with the game to a tee.

In order to be able to use this, They Are Billions cheat, you will first have to access the Customs Level Editor. After that, you will have to create a custom level in order to cheat the They Are Billions system. After that, you will be able to decide on your They Are Billions of custom maps. The step-by-step way to create They Are Billions of customs maps are given in the tables below.

Use these simple They Are Billions cheat tables in order to access the custom maps option!

How to access the editor
EITHER go to the main menu and click on 'Launch Editor
OR launch the game and immediately press and hold the SHIFT key to launch it automatically
OR click n LaunchEditor.bat in the installation folder

How to create a custom map
Click on 'new' after launching the editor
Decide on the basic information regarding the map
Type in this information
Select preview image
Select difficulty
Click on 'manual creation'

Now that you have reached the custom maps screen, it is time to create your They Are Billions custom maps.

First, you have to choose between a ‘random creation’ and a ‘manual creation’.

Random Creation

If you choose the random creation, this will entail that the theme and infected population of the maps will be automatically decided. All you have to do is key in the Level Events and the Narrative for the map.

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Manual Creation

This option is fairly simple compared to the manual creation option. In order to cheat They Are Billions through this option, you will have to further choose between two options – the entities mode or the painter mode.

Entities Mode:

In this mode you have complete freedom to create the entire map, including the topography and everything. This will all be done directly on the map. All factors effecting the map are called entities.

How to manage the entities in the Entity List:

Left ClickSelect entity
Double ClickSelect entity and centre on map
Right ClickDisplay context menu
Delete KeyDelete selected entity

In order to create an entity press CONTROL + LEFT CLICK

They Are Billions Map Editor:

The instructions to use the map editor in the entities mode are given below.

Left ClickSelect entity
Drag Green Circle on UnitMove entity
Double ClickSelect entity and and its template
Right Click and Drag MouseMove editor camera
Right ClickDisplay context menu
Delete KeyDelete entity
Tab KeyRotate entity


  • The command centre cannot be deleted or replicated
  • New maps have default entity generators but they can be edited as well
  • Go to the ‘edit’ option in the context menu to edit entity properties

Painter Mode:

This mode allows you to edit all the geography and the infected population of the map at a fast pace.

How to manage your map in the painter mode:

  • Draw on map using LEFT CLICK
  • Select pencil for the layer you want to draw
  • Show or hide any layers you want
  • Select shape and width of pencil
  • Use ALT + LEFT CLICK to delete parts of any layers
  • Return to entities mode when done

They Are Billions Map Editor:

Left ClickDrag to draw
Right Click and Drag MouseMove editor camera
Left Click and AltDelete layer

They Are Billions Trainer:

One of the most well-known They Are Billions cheats is the trainer. This is a download option you apply on top of your game. Each version of the game has a different They Are Billions Trainer download version. Although, trainers work great, we do wish it was as easy as Sims 4 Cheats.

Nevertheless, this is another way to use They Are Billions cheat codes. However, it is different in the sense that it has been developed for assistance rather than convenience. Once you have installed the They Are Billions trainer from your browser, you will get help in the following actions:

  • Units and buildings health
  • Easy construction of buildings
  • Fast construction of buildings
  • Fast production of units
  • Speed of the game
  • Stone
  • Oil
  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Viewing range
  • Defensive barrier
  • Range of energy transfer
  • Population
  • Empire Points
  • Perk points
  • Research points

They Are Billions Campaign Tech Tree:

They Are Billions is not only all the fights and war with the zombies. It is also about smart use of technology. This is where the They Are Billions research points come in. The They Are Billions research is a subset of the They Are Billions Campaign Tech Tree.

The They Are Billions Campaign Tech Tree is the mode in which, even if you build for example, a Wood Workshop, you cannot use it until you have earned enough They Are Billions campaign research points. When you have enough They Are Billions research, then it is up to you to make the right moves.

That is where we come in! We are here to tell you the best They Are Billions cheat in order to get through the game without any problem in the They Are Billions campaign mods. All you have to do is make sure you follow the pattern given below:

  • Go to the soldiers
  • Go to the farm for food
  • Make your way to the Shocking Tower
  • Proceed to anywhere you please

If you want to get a visual idea on how to apply each and every They Are Billions cheat taught in this article, you can watch the video given below

Furthermore, if you would like more general information on this game and get a better hang of its console commands, you can check this out.

On the other hand if you would like to learn more about the virtual post-apocalyptic world that They Are Billions deals with, this paper will be of much use to you. By reading this you will gain a new perspective on the subject matter of this game.


Now that you know your way around They Are Billions very well with the help of the They Are Billions Cheat Codes that we have provided for you, what are you waiting for? This comprehensive article has been specially compiled so that playing this game becomes easy with the help of all the They Are Billions cheats.

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